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The University of Florida has one of the leading startup programs in the nation. UF Innovate | Tech Licensing has helped start more than 200 biomedical and technology companies based on university research. This is a testament to the quality of the research, the fact that they are unique, well-protected innovations, and the fact that experienced, credible entrepreneurs are attracted by the possibilities to leverage this work for commercial success. Read news stories about recent startup successes here.

UF Innovate’s key ingredient for success is matching scientists with good ideas to experienced entrepreneurs. Tech Licensing staff are adept at working with new ventures locally and around the country.

UF has tools to help young companies get started. Two outstanding incubators, UF Innovate | The Hub and the UF Innovate | Sid Martin Biotech, have strong support programs for startups. A statewide startups office also based in The Hub, headed by an outstanding entrepreneur, offers matching money.

UF offers a range of programs designed to grow our entrepreneurial environment. UF has developed a grand vision around UF Innovate | The Hub, the first building in the 40-acre Innovation Square science and research community. The university’s continuing push to be a national leader in all things innovation now includes the UF Innovation Academy.

At the heart of the matter, investors are making money off our companies. We have had significant liquidity events over the past several years: