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2017 OTL Calendar: Making Our World a Better Place

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Paying Tribute to Our Inventors and Startup Companies

Over the past 30 years, UF OTL has partnered with numerous organizations and individuals to move research discoveries from the laboratory to the marketplace. Critical to that mission are the UF innovators whose discoveries change the world with help from entrepreneurs courageous enough to take those discoveries and commercialize them. Each year, OTL publishes a hard-copy calendar featuring researchers who have disclosed inventions to the office.

If you would like a copy mailed to you, please sign up to receive a copy today. This year’s calendar gives tribute to our researchers and startup companies by showing how those inventions and businesses have made our world a better place. View the OTL 2017 calendar: “Making Our World a Better Place.”

2017: Making Our World a Better Place

University of Florida researchers are hard at work. Difficulties inspire them to create solutions that touch our daily lives and make our world better.

Every day the news highlights the world’s challenges. Floods and fires and hurricanes and high winds. Bridges or buildings collapsing from age or natural disaster. New crop diseases and the growing threat of the Zika virus. We want the world to be a better place. We want solutions for these problems that will improve our lives.

UF researchers are on the job. They have developed drones that help builders assess terrain for construction, help farmers decide what crops to plant, map your city for emergency managers to keep you safe from a hurricane or flood, and aid soldiers in battle.

They’ve developed technologies to kill mosquitoes without harming the surrounding environment, controlling Zika and Dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases. Researchers designed the low-profile concrete barriers along the highway and sensors embedded in bridges and supports that help make your travel safer.

Sometimes the troubles we face don’t make the morning news. Sometimes the troubles are more personal. You have allergies so terrible you can’t sleep. Your bone-on-bone knee pain makes walking excruciating. Your parent has been diagnosed with a hereditary condition and you worry that you may have it too. The doctor tells you your son has a visual disorder that causes “day blindness.”

UF researchers are still at work, making your personal world a better place, too. They’ve created the world’s first molecular air purifier that breaks down harmful pollutants such as allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses and chemicals to eliminate indoor air pollution and give relief from allergies. They’ve perfected partial knee implants and paired the surgery with a robot to help you walk, golf, bike, run, and climb – in record time. They can test for hereditary diseases and offer preventative solutions, and they can give your son hope for a normal life.

In between these UF innovations and your world is a skilled team of technology transfer professionals who are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to find or create, through a startup company, the right commercial partner to carry these innovations from the lab to the marketplace and in the process of doing so contribute to making our world a better place.

This calendar showcases people and products that can make a positive difference. Whether you’re focused on worldwide problems or the ones closer to home, UF innovations and technology transfer professionals are making a difference, working to make our world a better place.

See the 2017 calendar in its entirety in this PDF.

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