Past Issues

Fall 2011

Loblolly Legacy
Universities and growers are helping the South"s most abundant pine species adapt to climate change.
Seafood Sleuths
Applied Food Technologies collaborates with UF fish experts to ensure the seafood you order is what you get.
A forgotten farming method gets a new look.
Foodborne Focus
Report identifies riskiest combinations of foods and disease-causing microorganisms.
Mouthing Off
Researchers are helping break down barriers to oral health care among rural African-American men.
Q and A
UF Vice President for Research Win Phillips recently assumed a new role as the university's senior vice president and chief operating officer.
Research Briefs

Summer 2011

Gulf of Mystery
Without a basic understanding of the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem, scientists will never be able to evaluate the impact of environmental disasters.
Collision Course
For the past 150 years, humans have been on a collision course with the Gulf of Mexico and its enriching presence.
Stressed Out
The Gulf oil spill impacted hundreds of thousands of Floridians mentally, economically and legally.
Research briefs from around the University of Florida — from planet creation to species extinction.

Spring 2011

The Right Fit
UF pharmacy Professor Julie Johnson is using genetics to fine-tune prescriptions.
Rhythms of the Region
UF's Center for Latin American Studies continues its long history of research and outreach in the Americas.
Agricultural Assembly Line
By decoding the genomes for two fruits vital to Florida's economy, UF researchers are helping to write the agricultural instruction manual.
Sleep Tight?
Bed bugs are biting again, but UF entomologists are fighting back.
A More Perfect Military
UF legal scholar Diane Mazur looks at how social change has impacted the military.
Doctoral Mentors Prepare Students For Academic Life
Research Briefs

Fall 2010

Teaching Toolbox
Florida Master Teacher Initiative is a national model for giving teachers tools to promote student success.
Extraordinary Measures
The true story of Barry Byrne's efforts to cure Pompe disease is even more compelling than the movie.
RE:FOCUSed on the Future
UF's entry in the Solar Decathlon Europe teaches everyone about sustainable housing.
Sniffing Out Germs
UF Spin-off Xhale Innovations' HyGreen System Makes Sure Health-care Workers Wash Their Hands.
Business Expense
The Retail Industry Relies On UF's Annual Security Survey To Track Trends In Shoplifting And Employee Theft.
Training Tomorrow's Biotech Workforce
Research Briefs

Summer 2010

Growth Industry
A strange-looking salamander provides a window into how vertebrates repair themselves.
Reading Rocks
UF geologists travel back in time to understand what made Antarctica cold and what that tells us about climate change today.
Street Smarts
UF computer engineers are developing ways for roads and cars to talk to each other.
Fit For LIFE
UF's Institute on Aging is leading efforts to keep older Americans moving longer.
Innovation Hub
Florida Innovation Hub at UF Expected To Lead Downtown Gainesville Job Growth.
Research Briefs

Spring 2010

Pharma Sea
Marine natural products may provide new weapons against cancer and other diseases.
The 'Master' Equation
Biologist Jamie Gillooly thinks metabolic theory offers new insights into the relationships between organisms.
Cultural Crusade
UF psychology Professor Carolyn Tucker promotes healthy lifestyles in African-American communitites.
Global Vision
UF's Emerging Pathogens Institute monitors disease worldwide in its efforts to protect Florida.
Arachno Hydro Phobia
UF materials scientists turn to spiders for a surface that repels water like no other.
Research Briefs

Fall 2009

Darwin's Decendents
The concept's outlined in Origin of Species 150 years ago are applied daily across the UF campus.
Out On A Limb
Development biologist Martin J. Cohn studies the molexular building blocks that shape appendages from feet to flippers.
Networking Malaria
Scientists with UF's Emerging Pathogens Institute are trying to help governments eliminate one of the world's most deadly diseases.
Gran Telescopio Canarias
UF's partnership in the world's largest telescope opens a universe of scientific opportunities.
Ditch Of Dreams
A new book chronicles the history of the Cross Florida Barge Canal and the role UF faculty played in the fight against it.
Research Briefs

Summer 2009

Sharkskin Solutions
Sharklet Technologies draws on nature to prevent infections
Silent Epidemic
Banyan Biomarkers promises a quick test for traumatic brain injury
Smooth Sailing
Sinmat's wafer polishing technology promises smaller, more-powerful semiconductor chips
Why Not WiPower?
UF spin-off promises tangle-free charging
Tracking Florida's Trends
For 80 years, the University of Florida’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research (BEBR) has been the go-to resource for information about the state’s population and economy.
Research Briefs

Spring 2009

Cool Chain
Grocers rely on a UF center to help them keep their products cool, from the field to your refrigerator.
Bodies In Motion
Researchers at UF's Biomechanics and Motion Analysis Lab use technology typically reserved for Hollywood movies to find and fix movement problems in athletes and others.
Shrinking Satellites
UF researchers are developing tiny satellites that could dramatically expand opportunities for space-based experiments.
Night at the Museum
A Colombian coal mine yields fossils of a school bus-sized prehistoric snake that succeeded T. Rex. as Earth's greatest land predator.
Dream Team
New additions are contributing to the McKnight Brain Institute's understanding of how the brain calls up new cells from its farm team throughout life.
Research Briefs

Fall 2008

Reef Relief
UF researchers are creating artificial reefs that give young grouper room to grow, helping to ensure a healthy population long into the future.
Cinderella Fruits
UF geographer Nigel Smith studies Amazonian fruits most of us have never heard of, but which might someday be grocery staples.
Vantage Point
UF's Ordway-Swisher Biological Station has been protected from ecological contamination for more than 70 years, making it a perfect choice for a unique national effort to observe future environmental changes.
Schools Without Walls
Education Professor Rick Ferdig seeks to understand the impact of virtual environments on gaming and education.
Codex Moment
Susan Milbrath combines art and astronomy to unravel a 500-year-old mystery about an ancient Mexican artifact.
Research Briefs

Summer 2008

Patient Power
Cancer care has a new paradigm, one focused on making it easier for patients to weather the storm.
Body, Heal Thyself
UF and Moffitt Cancer Center researchers try to teach the body's defenses to seek and destroy cancer.
Molecular Mountaineers
UF drug development researchers are forging new trails to cancer treatments.
Counting the Days
UF Cancer Survivor Program helps people transition from patient to survivor.
Tumor Team
Two UF neurosurgeons have spent decades inventing tools and techniques to destroy tumors with radiation.
Research Briefs

Spring 2008

Mission to Mars
UF Plant Researchers Are Developing A Way To Grow Plants In Space
Out of Africa
How did I get into this situation I thought as I a took a blood sample from a bright-eyed young man holding an automatic rifle.
Mutual Respect
Zoologist Todd Palmer's cha nce observation reveals new insights into the unlikely bond between Africa's smallest insects and its largest mammals
Fish Tale
Research at UF's Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory is vital to Florida's $50 million ornamental fish industry
Youngest Victims
Maureen Goodenow Leads UF's Efforts to Understand AIDS in Children
Research Briefs

Fall 2007

Time Capsule
Paleontologist Bruce MacFadden uses chemical clues preserved in fossils to tease out facts about 4-million-year-old giant sharks.
White Box, Black Box
UF bee researchers try to sort out what happens when bees already threatened by colony collapse disorder meet a growing population of Africanized cousins.
Forces of Nature
UF professors lead two of the most ambitious, costly and potentially groundbreaking research initiatives in modern physics.
Our Heaviest Generation?
Expanding waistlines mean kids today may be the first generation in history to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents, but UF experts are trying to change that.
Eyewitness News
UF communication researchers help newspapers track where their readers look, in print and online.
Research Briefs