Small Business Subcontracting Plans

In connection with UF submitting a proposal to the federal government where the resulting contract (not grant) is expected to exceed $700,000, including options, as prescribed by FAR 19.708(b) a “Small, Small Disadvantaged and Women-Owned Small Business Subcontracting Plan,” will need to be developed that complies with FAR 52.219-9 and submitted at time of proposal or at time of award, depending on the instructions provided in the federal Request for Proposal (RFP).

Should a Small Business Subcontracting plan be part of the proposal submission, the PI or department administration should contact DSP immediately who will coordinate with UF’s Division of Small Business & Vendor Diversity Relations (SBVDR). Even if no budget is available, this advance knowledge helps to plan workload and reach out to the unit.

Items to provide SBVDR (as they become available) include:

  • Full copy of the RFP
  • Budget (even if in draft state)
  • Any specific knowledge about subcontracts, subawards or vendors that might impact plan development

SBVDR will coordinate with the PI and unit to develop a realistic small business subcontracting plan and the strategy throughout the proposal  development stage.

The Director of the SBVDR will be listed as the UF contact on the plan and sign the plan unless the director believes additional certifications outside the area of SBVDR’s expertise or signature authority are implied or explicitly conferred through her signature.

SBVDR will provide a final copy of the plan to DSP to provide to the sponsor.

For great information about Small Business Subcontracting Plans visit ONR’s Small Business Subcontracting Plan website.

Award Negotiation

For those awards where a plan is not required at time of proposal but only prior to execution of an award, DSP will notify SBVDR as soon as the award is received or the federal sponsor requests the SBDP.


Spending & Reporting

SBVDR will assist in outreach to those PIs who require meeting subcontracting plans. SBVDR will assist throughout award life in identifying vendors and ensuring that the applicable unit is working to meet their goals.

SB Plans call for periodic SBSP reports, Contracts and Grants Accounting will generate and submit the required reports, providing a copy to the PI and SBVDR.

Upon receipt of SBSP reports, SBVDR will review the reports and assist in monitoring the good faith efforts being made towards the SBSP goals.