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Small Business Subcontracting Plans

In connection with UF submitting a proposal to the federal government where the resulting contract (not grant) is expected to exceed $700,000, including options, as prescribed by FAR 19.708(b) a “Small, Small Disadvantaged and Women-Owned Small Business Subcontracting Plan,” will need to be developed that complies with FAR 52.219-9 and submitted at time of proposal or at time of award, depending on the instructions provided in the federal Request for Proposal (RFP).

Should a Small Business Subcontracting Plan (SBSP) be part of the proposal submission, the UF’s Small Business & Supplier Diversity (SBSD) can be a resource to develop a realistic small business subcontracting. For great information about Small Business Subcontracting Plans visit ONR’s Small Business Subcontracting Plan website.

Spending & Reporting

SB Plans call for periodic SBSP reports, Contracts and Grants Accounting will generate and submit the required reports, providing a copy to the PI and SBVDR.

Upon receipt of SBSP reports, SBVDR will review the reports and assist in monitoring the good faith efforts being made towards the SBSP goals.