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Case of the Month – December 2022

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Our case this month is called The Left-Out Author. Authorship disputes are, unfortunately, rather common, such as missing authors, disagreements about author order, changes to author order, etc. This video (0:53, click on the video image) sets up a common authorship dilemma, and just how tricky it can be to resolve. After watching the video, consider these two questions.

1. What would you do?
2. Perhaps more importantly, what could have been done to prevent this?

For more information, please download and share this infographic (PDF) about Authorship Practices to Avoid Conflicts.

For a quick and easy read about responsible authorship and publication practices, please see this chapter from the online book “ORI Introduction to the Responsible Conduct of Research”. See the Resources link above for more information.

This website is a service of UF Research Integrity, Security & Compliance and the RCR on Campusworking group. We believe that research integrity is not achieved by simply taking an RCR course and “checking the box” that training is done. Our vision is to maintain a research culture in our everyday lives as UF researchers and research trainees in which we naturally follow best practices to ensure that the research we do is responsible, rigorous, and reproducible.

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