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UF Research is a complex organization of more than 300 people spread across multiple divisions, centers and institutes which provides the infrastructure that enables thousands of faculty, staff and students to conduct more than $850 million a year in research.
To effectively share the UF Research mission with audiences both internal and external, we have developed a new brand that provides a cohesive look and feel for all UF Research communications. A brand is more than just a logo or visual mark. It represents the ethos of our organization and reflects the commitment we bring to serving our partners on campus and at funding agencies and collaborating institutions worldwide.
To simplify implementation of the new brand, we have developed this toolbox of logos and templates for UF Research staff to use in their communications, as well as guidance about how to use them. We can also provide unit-specific materials if needed.
Please use the digital files as they are provided and do not redraw, resize or modify them in any way.
If you need something specific or have questions, please contact UF Research Communications for assistance.

Logos for Web

The following logos are PNG files, which are best suited for the web. To download the UF Research Logos to your computer, click on the image to open the lightbox. Then, right click the image and “save image as”. 

For External Audiences

For Internal Audiences

Logos for Print

The following logos are EPS files, which are for best suited for print. Click on the file for it to download. To insert the logo in a Word document, click on the “Insert” tab. Select “Pictures” then click “Picture from File.” Find and select the EPS file and click “Insert.” 

For External Audiences

For Internal Audiences

Document Templates with Logos Included

Want to include your logo on a Word document? Download our templates provided below. 

Use this template for documents that will go on the UF Research website, UF faculty-related announcements and other internal communications. 

Use this template for documents that will go beyond UF-affiliated audiences. 


Email Signature


Copy the following (start at your employee name and end after the logo) and paste directly into your signature editor. Replace with your information.

Employee Name

Position/Title at Division (ie. UF Research Communications)
University of Florida
Office Number
Mailing Address Line 1
Mailing Address Line 2
Phone Number

Zoom Virtual Background Images

Click on an image to view it in the Lightbox, then right-click and select "Save Image As..." to download. When uploading a new image to the desktop app – within the Virtual Background tab under Settings – be sure the "Mirror my video" option is not checked.

Double Helix Bridge

Gator Skin

Global Gator

Gran Telescopio CANARIAS


If you have a specific need, please contact UF Research Communications for assistance.