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UF Research Foundation

The University of Florida, with the approval of the Board of Regents, established the University of Florida Research Foundation, Inc. (UFRF), a direct support organization, in June 1986 to promote, encourage and provide assistance to the research activities of the University faculty, staff and students. Incorporated by the State of Florida in August 1986, the not-for-profit organization provides a means by which research can be conducted flexibly and efficiently and by which discoveries, inventions, processes and work products of University of Florida faculty, staff and students can be transferred from the laboratory to the public. Funds generated by licensing such discoveries are used to enhance research at the University of Florida.

UFRF Officers

Name Phone Number Office Number
Dr. David P. Norton, President (352) 392-9271 223 Grinter Hall
Julie Rhee, Secretary (352) 392-5221 Walker 310
George Kolb, Treasurer (352) 392-2402 1 Tigert Hall

UFRF Contact

Name Position Phone Number Office Number
Julie Rhee Finance Director (352) 392-5221 Walker 310
Maureen Upshaw Assistant Director, Accounting (352) 392-3852 Walker 318
Rachel Hurley Accounting Manager (352) 392-7448 Walker 312
Lindsey Bennett Accountant II (352) 392-5990 Walker 319
Lijun He Accountant II (352) 392-1878 Walker 316
Greg Neal Accountant (352) 392-9365 Walker 313
Riley Kurz Accountant I (352) 392-7205 Walker 311
Carol Hunn Fiscal Assistant III (352) 392-8995 Walker 314
Jackie Stearns Administrative Support Assistant II (352) 392-5221 Walker 308