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Award ID Format


Description Example
Periods (.) should remain in the Award ID when they are located within a stream of numbers
Dashes (-) should remain in the Award ID when they are located within a stream of numbers W81XWH-15-1-0032
Spaces should be removed when within a stream of alphanumeric characters U54NS078059

Task Orders & Work Orders

Description Example
Task Orders issued off of a Master Agreement should reference both Master Agreement ID, as well as the Task Order number. Leave spaces intact, removing all periods (.) and number signs (#) FA8651-08-D-0108 TO No 56

Specific Agency Guidance

Description Example
NSF Awards use only the 7-digit numeric code 1234567
New NIH awards use only the core without spaces U54AB123456
Modifications to NIH awards use the entire string without spaces 5U54AB123456-02S1

Other Guidance

Description Example
For an award where we only receive a check, use “CHK NO” and the check number.  (This is the same for modifications under an award where we only receive a check (i.e. miscellaneous donor and clinical trials.) CHK NO 12345678
For any award where the UFIRST Agreement number is used as the official Award ID, use the agreement number. AGR12345678
For any award where there is no Award ID provided, use the last date of signature between the two parties, or the effective date of the letter OR if there is no date on the letter, then use the date that UF first received notice or became aware. This could be a date in an email stream. AGR DTD mm-dd-yyyy
For Temporary Awards, where the Award ID is unknown at the time of temp or its modification, enter TEMP TEMP
When the funding is internal through UF and the program manager does not provide an award ID, list as a description of the program. CTSI Pilot Projects, Office of Research Opportunity Fund

Prime Award ID

Prime Award ID should follow the same information as the Award ID but can be left blank when the direct sponsor is a state of Florida entity or the Prime Source is multiple sponsors or miscellaneous donors.

Federal Agency Identification Number (FAIN)

Enter EXACTLY as provided by the sponsor in the award document. If the sponsor is NIH, the format will be R01MH12345.

Modification Award ID format

Description Example
For a modification, enter the sponsor Award ID as received. Do not strip out leading or trailing characters but do remove spaces . 5R01CA123456-01
If the Sponsor uses only modification or amendment number or provides no information, use Modification # Modification #1

Sample Award ID’s

Award ID on document from sponsor Format for entry into UFIRST Awards
02-012 V 9.2 02-012 V 9.2
Research Agreement executed by the Sponsor on 10/20/2015 and by UF on 10/27/2015. AGR DTD 10-27-2015
Email congratulating PI for his receipt of award that is forwarded to DSP. DSP received 10-31-2015 but the PI first received notice 10-15-2015. AGR DTD 10-15-2015
Master Agreement FSGC-08 Task Order #01 FSGC-08 TO No 01


Last Update: 02/20/2023