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Research Training

In order to conduct research safely and in compliance with regulatory requirements, there are many trainings that need to be completed by faculty and researchers prior to and during the conduct of the research. Further, staff who process proposals, administer grant awards and negotiate contracts and other research-related agreements in support of this research also need to complete required training. Please see below for a list of the required trainings for either Faculty and Researchers or Staff.

For Faculty & Researchers

For Administrators and Managers

Courtesy Summary of Research Training

Starting December 2017 anyone with active research training in our systems will receive an email that (a) lists research trainings and (b) when they expire.  This is a courtesy transcript and there is nothing that recipients must do.  These courtesy transcripts will be sent in the middle of every December and June starting in December 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to renew my training?

The following spreadsheet provides direct links to each online course:

Why are these emails being sent?

This courtesy transcript aims to improve the training experience for researchers who need to complete required research-related training. It was developed in response to stated needs from UF researchers such as the following:

  • Rather than having to complete renewal training throughout the year, researchers asked if they could receive a list like this so they could complete all of their renewal trainings at once.
  • Because not all courses or training management systems have the ability to send expiration notifications based on campus needs, a transcript like this allows investigators to plan in advance if they are so inclined.

Why did I receive the Courtesy Summary of Research Training?

You received a copy because you have previously completed required research training. Anyone who has completed required research training is receiving a copy.

Is there something I need to do?

This email is a courtesy so that you can see if and when any of your required research training will expire. You should complete any required training before it expires. The spreadsheet below provides direct links to the online courses where you can register and take the courses:

When is the Courtesy Summary of Research Training sent out to researchers?

We intend to send the emails every December and June starting in December 2017.

Why does the summary only list required research training?

The Office of Research initiated this project based on feedback we received regarding required research training. In order to deliver on this request we limited the scope of the project to just research related training.

Are there plans to do something similar for all required training?

T&OD currently leverages existing functionality and employee data in the myTraining system to distribute expiration notifications for a subset of courses. T&OD continues to work with training partners and Enterprise Systems to identify opportunities to increase the amount of employee data in the myTraining system that can, in turn, be used to develop training audiences and additional training reminders.

How can I provide feedback or have other questions answered?

You can send feedback/questions via the form below or contact Michael Mahoney, Director of Research Operations, at (352) 294-2744 or