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UF Research Integrity provides support to UF’s research community to ensure regulatory and institutional compliance and promote the highest ethical standards in research.

The University of Florida conducts research in compliance with established federal, state and local rules, regulations, policies and procedures. Research Integrity develops and implements research compliance programs and coordinates activities with various compliance offices and committees.

Research Integrity is also responsible for reviewing and facilitating the investigation of research misconduct or other research integrity deviations. Research Integrity is responsible for the following areas:

Foreign Activities Disclosure

What international relationships and activities must be disclosed?

Global Support

Planning research or other sponsored projects abroad

Export Controls

Distribution of export controls, deemed exports

Research Integrity & Research Misconduct

Fabricating, falsifying or plagiarizing research

Research Conflict of Interest

Significant financial interests related to research

Contact Info

Staff Directory

Name Position Phone Number Office Number
Marsha Pesch Associate Director
Export Control Officer
(352) 392-9174 GRI 249
Cassandra Farley Associate Director
Research Integrity Officer
(352) 392-9174 GRI 241
Amber Moore Assistant Director
Research Conflicts of Interest
(352) 273-3104 GRI 239
Carter Post Compliance Specialist III, Export Control (352) 273-0281 GRI 236
William Bucha Compliance Specialist III, Export Control (352) 273-1230 GRI 236
Laura Schaecher Compliance Specialist III, Research Integrity (352) 294-2898 GRI 236
Molly Domery Administrative Support Assistant (352) 392-9174 GRI 236
Cynthia Holmes Administrative Assistant (352) 392-1587 GRI 460

Mailing Address

Research Integrity
University of Florida
236 Grinter Hall
PO Box 115500
Gainesville, FL 32611-5500