Forms & Templates

UFIRST Proposal and Agreement Approval System

All proposals for sponsored funding will be routed for University approvals using UFIRST.

PHS and NSF FCOI Disclosure Forms, USAMRMC and CDMRP COI Disclosure Forms

Certain sponsors require Investigators to complete Conflict of Interest (COI) or Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Disclosure Forms prior to proposal submission. At UF, these are loaded into the UFIRST proposal record when routed for submission.

Investigator is defined as the Principal Investigator, Co-Principal Investigator, or any other person responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of the research or educational activities. “Investigator” for the purposes of determining a Significant Financial Interestincludes the Investigator’s spouse and dependent children.

UFIRST Award Modifications - Add Budget, No Cost Extensions, Request Additional Projects

  • All requests for an Award Modification must be made using UFIRST – Award Modification functionality. DSP will receive the request and take the appropriate action. Many modifications can be approved by DSP, while other modifications require sponsor approval. For mods that require sponsor approval please attach to the UFIRST-Award Modification request the document that will be sent to the sponsor.
  • In UFIRST-Awards there are eight Modification Types
    • Financial (example: adding budget release, request a temp, create new projects)
    • Dates (example: No Cost Extension)
    • Personnel (example: change PI)
    • Terms and Condition (example: update UFIRST T&Cs)
    • Compliance  (example: update IRB and IACUC information)
    • Early Termination
    • Project Demographics (example: update Title, IDC Center, Project Type)
    • Award Demographics (example: change Sponsor Name, Responsible Unit)

Carryover Request Template

No Cost Extension template

CAS Exemption Forms

Notification of Departing PI

Template Research Agreements

These template Research Agreements are most commonly used with our non-federal (industry) sponsors.

Invention Report Forms

Fund 214 Check Deposit Log

Sponsor Code Requests