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Getting an Agreement Drafted, Negotiated and Signed

All proposed contracts, agreements and awards, and their modifications, must be routed through UFIRST before DSP can officially begin the negotiation process.

Agreement Drafting and Review

  • If a sponsor does not require the use of its template, DSP can supply templates or draft custom agreements to fit your research agreement needs.  To obtain DSP agreement drafting services, please create a UFIRST agreement file and request that DSP use a UF template.  If the proposed agreement obligates UF to perform work, the UFIRST agreement file must be related to an approved UFIRST proposal.
  • If sponsor requires the use of its template, please create a UFIRST agreement and attach the agreement in UFIRST.
  • Basic research agreement templates can be found here. Please contact a member of the DSP Contracts Team for additional templates and other agreement drafting needs.

New Funded Agreements

  • If a UFIRST proposal is on file, create a UFIRST agreement from the UFIRST proposal (it will automatically relate).
  • If an agreement contains funding and there is no UFIRST proposal on file, you must create a UFIRST proposal and route for approval. After the proposal is approved, create a UFIRST agreement from the UFIRST proposal.

New No-Money Agreements (MOU, Teaming Agreements, CDA, DUA)

  • Create a UFIRST agreement and submit to DSP for review.

Modifications to Existing Awards and Agreements

  • Adding New Funding: For modifications that add funding NOT originally proposed, create a UFIRST proposal for the new funding and create a UFIRST award modification
  • Any other Award Modification: For modifications that add funding originally proposed (continuations, increments, option periods) or change an award in any other way, create a UFIRST award modification
  • Modifying No-money Agreements: For modifications to no money agreements, create a UFIRST agreement modification.

Last updated 5/8/24