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No-Cost Extension Requests

A no-cost extension extends the award period beyond the original award end date allowing the original scope of work funded by the sponsor to be completed. Each award must be reviewed as to the terms and conditions related to no cost extensions. Some sponsors do not allow any extension, some require Sponsor prior approval, and some allow UF to exercise a one-time extension at UF’s discretion.  In order for DSP to support you in making this determination, all no-cost extension requests must be routed through UFIRST no later than 30-days before the award’s current expiration date. An Instruction Guide to walk you through the details of the UFIRST Award Modification process is posted on the Grants Toolkits page.

If this notification deadline is missed, DSP may not be able to exercise its ability to extend the award or an award which had allowed UF to extend at its own discretion may not require Sponsor Prior approval.

In most cases no cost extension requests are required to be countersigned or endorsed by a DSP Authorized official before being sent to the sponsor. A template letter is available here. Upon DSP’s determination that the extension can be authorized at UF’s discretion or upon receipt of the Sponsor’s approval (when required), DSP will finalize the award modification extending the UF award.

Effort During No Cost Extension Periods

Sponsors expect that the original award terms and conditions, including commitments of the PI and all key personnel, extend throughout the award period, including a no-cost extension (NCE) period. However, federal agencies recognize that effort likely will be reduced during the extension period. Any change of greater than 25% for the PI and other named key personnel requires prior approval and should be included in the NCE request. Upon approval of the extension, the commitments will be updated according to the NCE justification.

Sponsor Systems/Specific Requirements

Where the Sponsor has an online grants management system through which requests must be submitted, DSP requires that if the department/PI initiate the request in such system, that a UFIRST Award modification record be submitted to DSP before DSP will review and submit the modification to the Sponsor. Examples of such systems are: