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Progress Reports


Principal Investigators (“PIs”) on sponsored projects are responsible for the management and conduct of sponsored activities.  As part of that responsibility, PIs are required to understand and comply with the technical/programmatic reporting requirements of their awards, which involves becoming familiar with reporting due dates, formats, templates and any online submission portals.  Every sponsor generally requires a technical report, so acceptance of sponsored funding will result in the requirement to submit a report(s) to the sponsor based on a predetermined time period.

Progress Report Requirements

  • For progress reports that require the signature of an Authorized Official, or submission by an Authorized Official through a sponsor portal, please send the progress report/progress report information and UFIRST award ID to ufawards@ufl.eduand a member of the DSP Award Team will review and reach out to you within 2 business days.
  • If the report is covering a budget period within the award’s competitive segment, use the current F&A rate. Federal awards require that UF apply an F&A rate for “the life of the award.”
  • Even if a report does not require an institutional officer to submit, we remind you that your statements and provision of documents that include full and accurate statements are binding on the institution. If you have any questions on anything you are submitting such as actual effort expended, budget and balance projections, performance of subrecipient partners, and changes in all persons Current and Pending/ Other Support documents or any other binding components, please email for assistance.
  • Do not communicate financial information. If it is required as part of the form, contact C&G for appropriate data to be included.
  • Do not disclose unpublished data.

Technical Report Due Date Escalations

When DSP is notified that a report is approaching the due date, DSP will email the PI and Primary Unit Administrative Contact (PUAC) assigned to the UFIRST record. If DSP is notified that a technical report is overdue, DSP will notify the award PI, the PUAC, and the Department Chair. If the report remains more than two weeks overdue or if DSP is contacted by the sponsor and notified of non-compliance, the Associate Dean of Research (ADR) or Center Director and Stephanie Gray will be notified.

Corrective Actions for Late Technical Reports

Federal regulations allow corrective actions that have a negative impact on PIs and the University.  For example, sponsors may:

  • Withhold payments to the University;
  • Disallow all or part of the costs of a project;
  • Suspend or terminate an award;
  • Initiate suspension or debarment proceedings against the University (which could make us ineligible for Federal funding); and/or
  • Withhold any additional awards and incremental funding for existing awards. For example, if a PI has a late technical report on her/his award, a sponsor like NSF can withhold the issuance of continuation funds and prevent the review of prior approval requests for: (i) the award with the late report; (ii) the PI’s other NSF awards; and (iii) NSF awards on which the individual with the late report is a Co-PI (impacting relationships with other colleagues).

If a report is severely delinquent, with no attempt made to communicate with or through UF Research, the associated project(s) may be temporarily closed in myUFL until the report is submitted and the award is back in compliance with the terms and conditions and reporting requirements.  UF Research may escalate to other measures as a way to ensure the award is brought into compliance including but not limited to restricted access to all funding.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if a due dates change?
DSP recognizes that technical reporting due dates may change during the course of a sponsored project.  If you receive a due date change notification from a sponsor, you should promptly notify DSP at so our records can be updated.

What should I do if due dates are not listed in the executed award terms and conditions?
Many sponsors do not list technical report due dates in the award document but instead rely on the FOA, Policy Guides or other resources  We suggest you consult those policy guides, ask your Research Administrator, or reach out to if you are unclear on reporting obligations.

What should I do if I cannot meet technical report deadlines?
If you cannot meet technical report deadlines, you should first contact your Program Manager / Technical Contact to see if it’s possible to obtain a deadline extension.  Your Program Manager / Technical Contact is not required, or may not have authority, to grant an extension.

If the extension request is unsuccessful, promptly contact your DSP for assistance. As PI you are still responsible for submission of the technical reports.

Do I need to submit technical reports if I have requested a no-cost extension?
Generally, yes.  Unless you have written confirmation from your Program Manager / Technical Contact that your report is not due, you must submit your report by the existing deadline.

What constitutes “proof” I have submitted my technical report?
Best practice is to load a copy of the report in UFIRST. Additionally you may copy when you submit your report via email, forward a copy of the email if submitted directly to the Program Officer, or send a copy of the system generated portal confirmation to

Can DSP help me submit my technical reports or obtain due date extensions?
DSP is happy to help you understand the terms and conditions of your award, including technical report due dates. In some cases (NIH SNAP RPPR’s), the PI is delegated authority to submit the report directly to the agency. In other cases, DSP must submit the report to the agency. It is your responsibility as a PI to prepare the technical reports by the deliverable due date  and obtain technical report due date extensions from your Program Manager / Technical Contact, if necessary.  If you still have questions or concerns after researching how to prepare and submit your reports, please email DSP at

Do I submit financial reports to sponsors?
Generally, sponsors should receive technical reports from PIs and financial reports from UF Research’s Office of Contracts and Grants Accounting (C&G). Some sponsors require periodic reports to contain both technical and financial information.  In these situations, you should coordinate with your C&G representative to obtain updated financial information before submitting the combined report.

For all other questions, please email and include the UFIRST record number for a faster response.