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UFIRST – Award Modifications

As UFIRST Awards is the management tool, it also supports the ongoing award lifecycle including tracking of changes from the original workplan and budget.  Any changes, requiring sponsor approval or allowable internally must be routed through UFIRST via a modification (MOD) for DSP to review.  DSP will assist with identifying whether sponsor approval is required or not and whether or not additional information is required to process the modification. If sponsor approval is not required and DSP can approve the change internally, the MOD will be reviewed, and then sent to C&G for processing.

Instruction Guides are available to support understanding of the use of UFIRST Awards. Please click on the hyperlinks below to access Instructional Guides for each UFIRST MOD type.

  • Examples of the types of modifications and request that must be routed through UFIRST are:
    • Financial (example: adding budget, request a temporary at-risk advance, create new projects)
    • Dates (example: No Cost Extension, early termination, stop work order)
    • Personnel (example: add key personnel, change project manager)
    • Terms and Conditions (example: change in the nature of carryover requirements)
    • Compliance  (example: add a new IRB or IACUC protocol)
    • Project Demographics (example: update Title, Project Type)
    • Award Demographics (example: change Sponsor Name, Responsible Unit)

When submitting a Modification request, the correct MOD type must be selected. Multiple MOD types can be selected in one MOD, but this selection should occur at MOD creation. If you are unsure as to what type of MOD you need, or if you are unsure which type exposes the desired pages, please click here for the MOD Smartform branching matrix, or email the DSP Contact listed on the summary tab of the UFIRST record. If no such contact exists, please email for assistance.

Please note, that some scenarios do not require a MOD, such as term-by-term effort adjustments under the prior approval threshold, rebudgeting requests where the KK level already permits spending without categorical restrictions, and extending existing UFF projects without a prime sponsor. If a MOD is routed and internal or sponsor approval IS NOT required, DSP will withdraw the MOD.

What To Do with an Award Modification Document

If you receive an award modification or amendment directly from a sponsor please deliver to DSP using UFIRST as follows:

  • For modifications that add funding NOT originally proposed (i.e. supplements), create a UFIRST – PROPOSAL for the new funding and attach the amendment.
  • For modifications that fund an increment that was originally proposed (i.e. NIH Type 5, DOD Option Periods) and all other award changes not affecting the total award amount, identify the UFIRST Award, create a modification and submit to DSP for Review.
  • When dealing with incremental funding, if the sponsor issues a new agreement rather than an amendment, DSP will generally need to create a new UFIRST award to track the funding.
  • If a renewal award is received, even if linked to a current UFIRST award record, a new UFIRST record will need to be established.
  • If OCR or DSP-Jacksonville executed the original agreement, all amendments will need to be reviewed and executed by their offices before DSP can process the UFIRST Modification.