Research Conflicts of Interest

The Research Conflict of Interest Program (COI-R) reviews and manages disclosures that have the potential to bias research. The program ensures UF’s compliance with sponsor COI regulations and facilitates Requests for Exemption (RFEs) to the Florida Code of Ethics prohibition on UF employees doing business with UF (when exemptions are required due to sponsored research and/or licensing agreements).

Disclosing Outside Activities and Financial Interests

On a rolling basis, groups of UF employees become eligible to disclose through UFOLIO. More information, including what to disclose, how to navigate the system and who is currently eligible to disclose in UFOLIO is available on the UF COI Program website:

When submitting sponsored research proposals to certain sponsors, including PHS agencies, investigators must disclose as prompted in UFIRST.

When submitting IRB applications, investigators must indicate whether they have a related Outside Activity or Financial Interest in myIRB.

COI-R, Conflict of Interest Program and UFOLIO

When an Outside Activity or Financial Interest disclosed in UFOLIO relates to research and/or requires an RFE resulting from a sponsored research and/or licensing agreement, the COI Program reviewer marks the disclosure for ancillary review, and it routes to COI-R. If additional information is required to determine relatedness to your research and/or to facilitate an RFE, COI-R will contact you directly.

Prior to engaging in research related to your Outside Activities or Financial Interests, contact COI-R if you have not yet received a final management plan. Amber Moore, Assistant Director, COI-R, is available at 352-273-3104 or


Related Programs and UF Guidance

COI Training

  1. The Public Health Service (PHS) Conflict of Interest (COI) regulation requires Principal Investigators and all Key Personnel in PHS-funded projects to complete the Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) training before engaging in the research.
    1. UF has established a specific FCOI training course DSR 810, which satisfies this PHS requirement.
    2. This course can be accessed through myUFL > My Self Service > Training and Development > MyTraining.
  2. Education is required of each individual initially and then every four years
  3. Education is required immediately when:
    1. Financial conflict of interest policies are revised in a manner that changes researcher requirements
    2. A researcher is new to the organization
    3. A researcher is non-compliant with financial conflict of interest policies and procedures

Public Requests for Information: PHS Funded Research

Pursuant to the PHS regulation for Promoting Objectivity in Research, UF will provide a written response to any requestor within five business days of a request, of information concerning any significant financial interest disclosed to the Institution that meets the following three criteria:

  1. The significant financial interest was disclosed and is still held by the senior/key personnel as defined by this subpart;
  2. The Institution determines that the significant financial interest is related to the PHS-funded research; and
  3. The Institution determines that the significant financial interest is a financial conflict of interest.

Pursuant to the PHS regulation, COI-R will provide: the Investigator’s name; the Investigator’s title and role with respect to the research project; the name of the entity in which the significant financial interest is held; the nature of the significant financial interest; and the approximate dollar value of the significant financial interest, or a statement that the interest is one whose value cannot be readily determined through reference to public prices or other reasonable measures of fair market value. COI-R will note in its written response that the information provided is current as of the date of the correspondence and is subject to updates.

To submit a request, please email:

If email is not available, please send a written letter of request to the following office address:

Research Conflict of Interest
Research Integrity
University of Florida
Grinter Hall
PO Box 115500
Gainesville, FL 32611-5500