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UFIRST – Awards

UFIRST – Awards is UF’s tool used to collect award requirements and information including terms, compliance, and financial elements.  Ultimately, UFIRST connects to the myUFL Grant system where budgets are finalized for spending. As UFIRST is an award management tool, it tracks the expectations of the Sponsor.  In all cases, it is the intent of the University that the information including budget, identifiers, personnel, effort commitments, and all other administrative elements match the Sponsor’s values.

Instruction Guides are available to support understanding of the use of UFIRST Awards.

To assist with searching and locating awards, standard ID formats should be used when entering award identification numbers into UFIRST.

What do I do with an Award Document?

If you receive an award document directly from a sponsor, please deliver to DSP using UFIRST as follows:

  • If a UFIRST Proposal (PRO) has not been routed for the award, create a new UFIRST PRO and attach all relevant award documents to the record.
  • If the PRO is in Pending Sponsor Review state, upload award documents to the PRO record and send a message through UFIRST to the DSP Contact assigned to the record.
  • If a UFIRST Agreement (AGR) record is required, DSP staff will create the AGR record after the PRO is approved.
  • After the PRO and AGR are finalized, DSP will create a new UFIRST Award (AWD).