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Recommended Research Databases and Patents

Dimensions is a comprehensive research grants database, “which links grants to millions of resulting publications, clinical trials and patents.” The free version offers searching of publications and datasets.

Find funding opportunities, subject matter experts for collaborations, discover conferences, and create a research profile that can link to ORCID. (GatorLink Authenication required).


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There are three types of patents:

  1. Plant: May be granted to anyone who invents or discovers and asexually reproduces any distinct and new variety of plant.
  2. Utility: May be granted to anyone who invents or discovers any new and useful process, machine, article of manufacture, or compositions of matters, or any new useful improvement thereof. Most common.
  3. Design: May be granted to anyone who invents a new, original, and ornamental design for an article of manufacture.

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Limelight’ Plant patent #12,874 (Photo by Beth Bolles,


Inventor: David P. Norton, Ph.D (UF VP for Research). Patent no: US 6,849,580 B2

Pressure washer, design patent no: D733,373.

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How to Cite Patents

  • MLA
    • Inventor/author. Name of Patent. Labeled Patent or Application Number. Patent Office. Issue Date.
  • Chicago Manual of Style
    • Author’s last name, author’s first name. Year of patent. Name of patent. Country of patent. Patent number, filed (month date, year), and issued (month date, year).
  • APA Style
    • Last name, first initials, & Last name, first initial. (Year Patent Issued). Title of patent (U.S.
      Patent No. (number retains commas)) U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. URL
  • NLM Style (very detailed; visit this NIH page on NLM Style for more information.)
  • IEEE
    • Inventor1, Inventor2, et al., “Title of patent,” U.S. Patent number
      (number does not retain commas but keeps spacing), Publication date
      (Mon. DD, YYYY).
  • CSE
    • Author(s), inventors; patent holder, assignee. Title of patent. Country issuing the patent country code patent number (retain commas). Publication date (format YYYY MMM DD). Extent.
  • ACS
    • Author’s last name, first and middle initials. Name of patent. Country of patent. Patent number, Year.