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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I know who my award contact is?

The DSP Owner can be found on the summary page of the award in UFIRST. If you do not know whom to contact, or if the DSP Owner is missing, please email

My award record indicates I have to take a training class? I do not know where to go. Can you help?

Training can be completed online

Do I need IRB/IACUC approval?

In general, affirmative responses in the UFIRST Award space are pulled directly from answers disclosed in the UFIRST Proposal and/or UFIRST Agreement modules. Unless an error is made during these disclosures, UF IACUC and/or UF IRB confirmation will be required before Sponsored Programs can remove the “yes” response in UFIRST. In some cases, if the sponsor agreement references a “yes” to either humans or animals, an official amendment may be required before we can move forward.

When is it okay to contact the sponsor?

While it is understood that the PI and Program Officer may have discussions related to the overall scope and scientific direction of the project, especially in the cases of cooperative agreements, DSP is the sole party authorized to facilitate the prior approval process. Any requests requiring prior approval must be routed through UFIRST for DSP’s review before the sponsor is engaged. When the request is ready, DSP will submit to the sponsor.

What documentation is required for my prior approval request?

It depends on the nature of the request and the sponsor. Generally, we need a request letter including a justification, signed by the PI for DSP to counter sign and submit to the sponsor. We may also need a budget or budget justification if financial in nature, or a biosketch and/or CV if changing key personnel.

Who do I contact regarding outgoing subawards?

DSP’s Outgoing Subaward team can assist Additionally please see the Creating a New Subaward Instructional Guide for step by step directions for requesting the subaward through UFIRST.