Miscellaneous Donors Projects

All miscellaneous donor projects will be established in fund 209. Miscellaneous donor projects that were previously established in fund 212 will only be allowed to house residual balance funds.  No new miscellaneous donations will be deposited into 212 (effective October 2015).

The University of Florida has authorized the Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) to accept miscellaneous donor funds on behalf of faculty for research, training and other specific purposes. These funds are distinguished from “sponsored research” support by the following characteristics:

  • no proprietary or contractual relationship exists between the donor and the recipient
  • no final product is expected
  • no technical or fiscal reports need to be submitted to the sponsor

Need to establish a project? Request one using UFIRST.

If a PI does not currently have a Miscellaneous Donors Project established in fund 209 in the UF accounting system and one is needed, submit a UFIRST proposal.  Note in the submission instructions that the request is to set up a Miscellaneous Donors project.  Attach all documentation supporting the donation to the proposal and route for approval. DSP will ensure that the funds are truly donations and not sponsored programs and then set up a UFIRST award for an amount equivalent to the check/donation.

Subsequent Deposits

Any deposit to be placed in a Miscellaneous Donors project should be routed by creating a UFIRST Award Modification.