Multiple Sponsor Projects

DSP is authorized to accept funds on behalf of faculty for research, training and other research related purposes. One category of project DSP may approve is called a Multiple Sponsor Project. These projects are established to accept funds from multiple sources that purchase a specific service being provided.

Some limitations placed on a Multiple Sponsor Project are as follows:

  • Deposits are limited to no more than $10,000, unless specifically approved by DSP. For amounts of $10,000 or more a separate project may need to be established.
  • No financial reporting obligations back to Sponsor.
  • All contractual agreements (i.e.: letters, grants, purchase orders) being used must be forward to DSP for review and acceptance on behalf of the University of Florida.
  • Projects will be established based upon applicable indirect cost assessment.

To open a Multiple Sponsor Project, please submit to DSP the following:

  • A UFIRST- Proposal.
  • Attach to the UFIRST – Proposal a description of the Standard Services to be provided to the sponsors/buyers.
  • Budget released to a Multiple Sponsor Project will always be equal to cash received.
  • For a payment to be released into an established Multiple Sponsor Project, please provide copies of checks, all correspondence (i.e. agreement, sponsor transmittal letters, PO) to DSP.
  • DSP will generate a UFIRST award when the first payment has been received. DSP verifies the payment belongs to the Multiple Sponsor Project and then releases the payment with a UFIRST Award for the Multiple Sponsor Project to be established in Fund 209.
  • Additional cash received will be added to the Multiple Sponsor Project by creating a UFIRST modification (Subtype: Financial) with a copy of the funding letter, agreement or other correspondence and the check attached. DSP will finalize the modification and  increase the budget available.

IFAS Faculty Service Program-Multiple Sponsor Projects

  • IFAS faculty; Please see the IFAS Faculty Service Program (FSP), which has been designed for IFAS faculty conducting routine services for multiple, external, non-Federal sponsors on a fixed price basis.