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Malachowsky Hall | Shared Conference Rooms

The conference rooms listed are available to building occupants only. Please email the contact listed for any reservation requests. For rooms with multiple contacts listed, “*” signifies the primary contact person. Each room is equipped with the following technology:

  • UFIT computer
  • Dual displays
  • Video conferencing (camera and microphone)

Please review the Shared Conference Room Policy prior to reserving any of the rooms.

Conference Room# of SeatsScheduling Contact(s)
300315 + 8 on benchesKiara Gunn
31048Kiara Gunn
3109 (No food allowed)12Zarifa Kabir and Tina Stephens
3114 (No food allowed)12Zarifa Kabir and Tina Stephens
401012Zarifa Kabir and Tina Stephens
41048Kiara Gunn
41388Kiara Gunn
505712*Melissa Stabel; Todd Barnash; Melissa Layne; Brooke Armfield
51048Zarifa Kabir and Tina Stephens
6103 (No food allowed)8Zarifa Kabir and Tina Stephens
611912 + 8 on benchesGabby Gele
7028 (No food allowed)12 + 8 on benches*Jordan Webb Moore; Adrian Jenkins

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