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Other Sponsored Activities (OSA)

According to 2 CFR 200, Appendix III, Section A.1.c, Other Sponsored Activity means “programs and projects financed by federal and non-federal agencies and organizations which involve the performance of work other than instruction and organized research.”

At UF, this includes:

  • Public service projects, such as sponsored health and/or community service projects, legal clinics and public information services
  • Symposia, workshops, seminars and conferences that DO NOT meet guidelines for instruction, research training, or research
  • Support for public events
  • Extension activities
    • Note 1: County agreements funding extension positions are allowable at 0% whereas contracts for the performance of specific projects are to be charged the OSA rate.
    • Note 2: Not all projects executed by personnel with extension appointments are considered extension activities.  The project is evaluated to determine if it is sharing knowledge with the public (extension) or developing new knowledge or collecting data for future sharing (research).

Contracts where a unit provides a routine service as part of its normal business operations (designed for auxiliaries only) and not simply for testing services.