Award Management

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 What We Do

  • Finalize the UFIRST – Award;
  • Review and facilitate UFIRST Award Modifications for items such as, adding additional funds, pre-award costs, temporary projects, adding subprojects, no cost extensions, carryover of unobligated balances, change in scope of work, change of PI, effort commitments, and grant relinquishment;
  • Provide University of Florida Authorized Official signature on documents related to research, training and other sponsored programs;
  • Provide guidance and answers to questions relating to your proposal, budgeting, contract negotiations and more.
  • Accounting services are provided by Contracts and Grants Accounting.

 UFIRST Award and Award Modifications

  • UFIRST- Awards: This is the University of Florida’s electronic grant’s system used to accept awards into the myUFL Accounting system.
  • UFIRST – Award Modifications: All requests for an Award Modification must be made using the Award Modification functionality.
  • Award Terms and Conditions: Each award comes with its own unique set of conditions. UFIRST identifies, communicates and stores the award terms and conditions for future reference.

Office Information

Policies, Procedures and General Information

The Researcher’s Handbook published and maintained by DSP contains the policies, procedures and general information for conducting research at the University of Florida.

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