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Fund Types

209 Multiple sponsor projects:

DSP is authorized to accept funds on behalf of faculty for research, training and other research related purposes. One category of project DSP may approve is called a Multiple Sponsor Project. These projects are established to accept funds from multiple sources that do not require segregation for accounting purposes or execution of unique statements of work.

Some limitations placed on a Multiple Sponsor Project are as follows:

  • No financial reporting obligations back to Sponsor.
  • All contractual agreements (i.e.: letters, grants, purchase orders) being used must be forward to DSP for review and acceptance on behalf of the University of Florida.
  • Projects will be established based upon UF’s F&A Policy

To open a new Multiple Sponsor Project, please submit to DSP the following:

  • A UFIRST- Proposal
    • Attach to the UFIRST – Proposal a description of the Standard Services to be provided to the sponsors/buyers
    • Budget released to a Multiple Sponsor Project will always be equal to cash received
  • For a payment to be released into an established Multiple Sponsor Project, please provide copies of checks, all correspondence (i.e. agreement, sponsor transmittal letters, PO) to DSP

For all payments received after initial project setup:

  • Create a new modification under the UFIRST Award. Each payment should be entered as a unique allocation under the applicable project. DSP will verify the payment belongs to the Multiple Sponsor Project and then releases the modification to C&G to add budget in myUFL.

IFAS Faculty Service Program-Multiple Sponsor Projects

  • IFAS faculty; Please see the IFAS Faculty Service Program (FSP), which has been designed for IFAS faculty conducting routine services for multiple, external, non-Federal sponsors on a fixed price basis.

Contact Office: Division of Sponsored Programs

209 Miscellaneous donor projects:

All miscellaneous donor projects will be established in fund 209. Miscellaneous donor projects that were previously established in fund 212 will only be allowed to house residual balance funds.  No new miscellaneous donations will be deposited into 209 (effective October 2015).

The University of Florida has authorized the Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) to accept miscellaneous donor funds on behalf of faculty for research, training and other specific purposes. These funds are distinguished from “sponsored research” support by the following characteristics:

  • no proprietary or contractual relationship exists between the donor and the recipient
  • no final product is expected
  • no technical or fiscal reports need to be submitted to the sponsor

Need to establish a project? Request one using UFIRST

If a PI does not currently have a Miscellaneous Donors Project established in fund 209 in the UF accounting system and one is needed, submit a UFIRST proposal.  Note in the submission instructions that the request is to set up a Miscellaneous Donors project.  Attach all documentation supporting the donation to the proposal and route for approval. DSP will ensure that the funds are truly donations and not sponsored programs and then set up a UFIRST award for an amount equivalent to the check/donation.

Subsequent Deposits

Any deposit to be placed in a Miscellaneous Donors project should be routed by creating a UFIRST Award Modification.

Contact Office: Division of Sponsored Programs


What is it: A restricted fund used to accumulate and manage all of the earned F&A from sponsored projects.
Rules: At the end of the year, some F&A is returned to colleges, departments and PIs. The use of returned F&A is restricted by Florida Statute 1004.22(5) and by UF Policy, and may be used only to support research, research-related activities, sponsored training programs or extension.
Contact Office: Office of Research Business Office


What is it: Sponsored Project Residuals and program income. Residuals are unused funds that were not needed to fully execute the requirements of a Sponsored Project. Most of these projects are set up at closeout of the original project. The Closeout form allows for identification of a new residual project setup if needed.
Rules: These funds are to be used only in support of other research and sponsored training programs, as directed in Florida Statute 1004.22(5) and by UF Policy. If new external funds are received for a project that was started in 212 prior to 2015 that should be in a Fund 209 project than a new proposal-award must be set up in 209 using UFIRST.
Contact Office: Contracts & Grants Accounting


What is it: University of Florida Research Foundation (UFRF) Allocations. UFRF operates as a direct support organization (DSO) that promotes, encourages and provides assistance to UF’s research activities. This fund receives the funds generated by royalties and licensing as well as funds from private foundations and provides discretionary moneys restricted for purposes of supporting research.
Rules: These funds are restricted and are to be used in support of other research or other sponsored training programs, as directed by UFRF.
Contact Office: Office of Research Business Office


What is it: Fund supports non-federal Clinical Trials
Contact Office: Office of Clinical Research