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Incoming UF Personnel

When a faculty member is hired at UF, they may likely have funding which their former institution and the sponsor have agreed can be transferred to UF. Note that some sponsors do not allow transfers or may impose limitations, such as permitting transfers only on the anniversary date of the original award or disallowing transfers late in the budget period and some former institutions may elect to retain the award and subaward to UF. The award portfolio discussions should be started as soon as the incoming investigator accepts a position at UF.  As the transfer of the laboratory or team may potentially involve movement of animals, materials, personnel, and the establishment of subcontracts or MTAs, plan for adequate time to navigate the processes.

Options for what may happen to an investigator’s awards:

  • The prior institution or sponsor may keep the entire award and name a new PI; or
  • The prior institution may name a new PI, keep a portion and subaward some portion to UF; or
  • The entire award may transfer to UF with the expectation that UF issue a subaward back to the prior institution; or
  • Any combination of the above.

Tips and Recommendations