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Revenue Distribution

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When an invention is licensed, inventors are entitled to a share of the revenues received by the University of Florida Research Foundation (UFRF) based on the University of Florida Intellectual Property Policy. UFRF distributes revenues on a semi-annual basis on or before June 1 and December 1 of each year.

Revenue distributions are calculated semi-annually when UFRF is ready to process the distributions. Payment will be made per the payment information on file. It is your responsibility to keep UFRF updated on any bank or address changes. Inventors will receive notification after they receive a revenue distribution payment from UFRF in one of two ways:

  • If the inventor is a current UF employee: Once the revenue distribution has been completed and approved by UFRF, the inventor will be notified via email. Employees can then log into the UF Inventor Portal and open the Income Distribution Transmittal report(s) to view their detailed distribution(s) details. This will be located in the ‘My Reports’ section of the Inventor Portal and gives detailed information on the distribution calculations (please check “How to run my Income Distribution Transmittal report(s)”.)
  • If the inventor is NOT a current UF employee: An email notification will be sent to the inventor once the revenue distribution has been completed.

The inventor is solely responsible for paying any applicable taxes on revenue distributions received. Inventors will receive a 1099 or other appropriate form. UFRF cannot advise individuals on the tax consequences of the payments.

NEW Inventor to UFRF

New inventors must create a UF Supplier ID before receiving any license income payments.

If you are a US citizen or a resident alien, a Supplier Tax Information and ACH Form should be completed and submitted in the UF Supplier Portal. Please follow the Supplier Portal Walkthrough guide.

Upon completion, please send the 10-digit request ID received from the UF Supplier Portal to

**If you are a Foreign Inventor, please contact for a different form**

Existing Inventor’s Address and/or Bank Account Change

Please visit the UF Supplier Portal and choose Existing Supplier Changes.

  • To process an address change, Inventors must submit an updated IRS Form W-9 through the UF Supplier Portal. This form is found in the UF Supplier Portal under Required Supplier Forms.
  • To process a bank account change, Inventors must submit an updated ACH Form. This form is found in the UF Supplier Portal under Required Supplier Forms.

Please contact for any questions regarding revenue distribution.