Research Foundation Professorship

Selection Criteria

University of Florida Research Foundation (UFRF) Professorships are awarded to tenured faculty members who have a distinguished current record of research. The purpose of these awards is to recognize recent contributions and to provide incentives for continued excellence in research.

The primary selection criteria will include a) the professor’s performance in the past five years and b) evidence of a strong research agenda that is likely to lead to continuing distinction in the professor’s field.

UFRF Professorships are open to tenured faculty, subject to the eligibility requirements below.

Funds in the University of Florida Research Foundation are earned from royalties and fees on intellectual property, retained indirect costs from certain corporate contracts and grants, and investment income. These awards involve no state funds.

Professorship Terms

  • Each three-year UFRF Professorship includes a:
    • $5,000 annual salary supplement
    • $3,000 grant to support research, to be awarded in year one of the three-year tenure of this professorship.
    • A maximum of 34 new awards are awarded annually.
    • Nominations are invited in January, for submission in March.
    • Awards are made in May.


    • Full-time Associate and Full Professors who are tenured at the time of the award and who have been on the UF faculty for at least five years (as of May 1 in the year of nomination) are eligible. Part-time Associate or Full Professors are not eligible.
    • Faculty members are eligible for re-nomination following a two-year hiatus after holding a Research Foundation Professorship. For example: A faculty member who received a Professorship in 2014 would hold the award for three years: May 2014-May 2015, May 2015-May 2016, and May 2016-May 2017. Following a two-year hiatus (May 2017-May 2018 and May 2018-May 2019), the individual would be eligible for re-nomination in 2019.


    • Candidates must be nominated by their Department Chairs. Department Chairs are nominated by their College Deans. Deans (all levels) are not eligible.
    • Each dean will be notified of the total number of awards available, which is proportional to the number of tenured faculty eligible for the award (as established in the first year of the initial three-year cycle, which began in 1996-1997).


    • Candidates must have a distinguished current research program that places them among the leaders in their discipline. This is measured over the most recent five academic years. All candidates must demonstrate an active current research program that is likely to lead to continuing distinction in their field.
    • This standing must be demonstrated by objective measures of research performance that are appropriate to their discipline and so recognized by their peers. Examples of such criteria are:
      • Publication in leading scholarly journals in the field.
      • Monographs or other scholarly works.
      • Citation analysis, where appropriate.
      • Awards in their field, e.g., best paper, personal recognitions.
      • Evidence of consistent external funding, where appropriate.
      • Evidence of development of intellectual property, where appropriate.

    Documents Required By The Office Of Research:

    • After the UFRF nominees are selected by the college and notified, they must complete an online application, as well as provide the following supporting documentation:
      • The nominee’s CV
      • A one-page personal statement by the nominee that details his/her recent accomplishments and current research agenda.
      • A letter of support from the Department Chair.  If the UFRF nominee is the Department Chair, the letter must come from the Office of the Dean.
      • A copy of the email/letter sent to the nominee stating that they were selected

    Expectations On Completion Of Professorship Term

    • Persons holding this award must provide a short report to the Vice President for Research (three-page maximum) reviewing their accomplishments during the period they held the award and expectations for the future.


    Please direct all questions to