Biohazards, Radioactive Materials, Radiation-Producing Devices & Laser Systems 

Before using the following materials in research, the Environmental Health and Safety Division requires review and approval.


The Biological Safety Office within the Environmental Health & Safety Division monitors biohazard use. The same office regulates the use of recombinant DNA, BSL-3 pathogens and USDA/HHS Select Agents through the review and approval process by the University Institutional Biosafety Committee.

Radioactive Materials, Radiation-Producing Devices 

When radioactive materials or radiation-producing devices are involved in research, the procurement, storage, use and safety have to be approved by the Radiation Control & Radiological Services Department, which is within the Environmental Health & Safety Division.

Class 3b and 4 Laser Systems 

All Class 3b and 4 lasers and laser systems must be registered with the Radiological Services Department within the Environmental Health & Safety Division.

For complete details, please see the Environmental Health and Safety website.