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Subaward Modifications

How Do I Request a Modification to the Subaward?

Subaward modifications are not “automatic.” ALL Subaward modifications must be requested through UFIRST by the Department. To request a modification to a subaward, view the UFIRST Instructional Guide under the UFIRST Awards Section.

Information needed as part of the UFIRST subaward modification request:

      • Purpose of the modification
      • Supporting Documents
        • Updated Scope of Work
        • Updated DETAILED Budget
      • Additional Special Terms
      • Other documents may be required depending on the type of change (i.e change of Subrecipient PI or early termination)

Principal Investigator/Project Manager Changes

The Subrecipient PI is changing institutions.

If your Subrecipient PI is changing institutions, and the work will continue with the same Subrecipient PI, the subaward to the original institution will first need to be terminated and then a new subaward will need to be issued to the new institution. DSP will need the termination date of the original institution and the letter of intent, a new scope of work, budget and budget justification for the new institution.  Both a new subaward (to the new Subrecipient Institution) and a modification (early termination of the current subaward) should be requested through UFIRST.

If the work will continue with the same Subrecipient Institution, but under a different Subrecipient PI, then the original subaward will need to be modified to change the Subrecipient PI.

University of Florida Project Director is changing Institutions.

If the Prime Award will be transferred to the new Institution, a modification must be requested through UFIRST to terminate all existing subawards.   This will allow the Contracts and Grants Accounting Services to close out the project(s) in preparation for transferring the award to the new institution.   DSP should also be notified in order to begin the award transfer process at

If the Prime Award will remain at the University of Florida, a modification to the subaward should be requested through UFIRST to change of PI for both the UF project and the outgoing subaward.