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Subaward at the Time of Award

When a Subaward was not Part of the Original Proposal

Some sponsors require prior written approval to issue subawards not included in the original submitted proposal. For many federal grants, see Research Terms and Conditions Prior Approval Matrix for more information. If you need assistance in determining whether the anticipated subaward would need prior approval, contact the Division of Sponsored Programs.

Subaward Process: UFIRST Award Setup

Subawards should be requested through UFIRST by the Department. To request a new Subaward, see the UFIRST Instructional Guide under the UFIRST Awards Section at the UF My Training Toolkits webpage.

DSP Reviews Scope of Work and Budget Core Office Review
IF DSP Requests Changes Pending Responsible Unit Edits
IF DSP ACCEPTS, the Subaward is acknowledged in UFIRST and a Subcontract Officer is assigned Risk Assessment or Under Negotiation

Common errors in routing subawards to DSP:

  • Missing Documents (no Scope of Work or Detailed Budget)
  • Budget does not match requested amount of Subaward
  • Document provided does not represent a clear scope of work

From DSP acceptance through to completion, the subaward status is NOW tracked in UFIRST.  The DSP Subaward Tracking Tool is still available for subawards executed prior to the implementation of the new UFIRST Subaward Module (November 12, 2018). Please direct any questions regarding the Subaward Tracking Tool to the Outgoing Subawards Office at

Subaward Process

DSP sends to the Project Director; DSP and the Project Director agree on final version Pending PI Concurrence
DSP sends to Subrecipient for review, negotiation & signature Pending Subrecipient Signature
DSP sends to UF Authorized Official for Signature Pending UF Signature
Fully Executed – copies sent to Contracts & Grants, the PI, Departmental Admin and the Subrecipient COMPLETE

A copy of the fully executed Subaward Agreement can be found in UFIRST under “Attach Fully-Executed Subaward Documents.”


The Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) has registered the University of Florida in system.  DSP will submit all FFATA reports for campus.