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UFIRST Forum and Training


A UFIRST test and training site is available at Use this training environment to learn how to navigate the system, create test proposals and budgets, and onboard new staff.

UFIRST Training

The following are the current courses in the use of UFIRST. Registration for UFIRST training is now available via myTraining.

RSH279: UFIRST Introduction

Course Description: This course serves as an introduction to navigating and searching the UF Integrated Research Support Tool (UFIRST) and is a pre-requisite for all other UFIRST courses.

RSH280: UFIRST Proposals & Agreements

Course Description: In this session you will learn how to use the University’s proposal routing system, which includes functions for entering proposal information, creating budgets, attaching supporting documentation and routing agreements and proposals to the Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP).

RSH281: Submissions via UFIRST SF424

Course Description:  This course is designed for those who will be developing or coordinating applications to Federal Grant Programs for submission via UFIRST to  It outlines how to create the SF424 Application Package from the UFIRST Proposal, import subawards, update the SF424 Application Package after changes have been made to the UFIRST Proposal, and notify DSP that the UFIRST Proposal and SF424 Application Package are ready for final review, approval, and submission to

RSH282: UFIRST Awards

Course Description: This course focuses on the final phase of the University of Florida Integrated Research Support Tool: UFIRST Awards. UFIRST Awards is the official awards management system for the University. In this class, participants will learn about the functionalities of the new module, in addition to important awards management and reporting concepts.

Course listings are published on the Human Resources website.

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