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UFIRST Roles and Security

For information on UFIRST Security Roles, please see this document.

Grants Workflow Administrators (GWA): Responsible for linking the Grants Administrators and the Grants Approvers to the department/s for which they can act in UFIRST. The list of GWAs and their associated departments/colleges can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the approval process work?

1.The Grant Workflow Administrator lists the approvers in order for each unit (division, department, etc). There can be a pool of approvers at any particular level (i.e. a department may list the chair, vice chair, and department business officer as approvers for the chair.

2. Each proposal in UFIRST has a submitting department (unit).

3. When the proposal is submitted for review and approval, the system looks at the submitting department Approvers as set up by the Grants Workflow Administrator and adds all of them to the Approval chain. This chain is recorded on the proposal.

4. UFIRST sends an email to the first level of approvers.

5. When any one of them approves, UFIRST sends an email to the second level of approvers. And so on until all levels as set up by the Grant Workflow Administrator as described in step 1 have completed the approvals.

6.The proposal is routed automatically to DSP after the last approver.

How do I know what I see in my Inbox?

Your UFIRST Inbox is broken into “Do” and “Watch” sections. What you see or don’t see in each section can be identified on these matrixes: