UFIRST Updates

UFIRST update scheduled for January 10, 2018

Issues to be addressed:

  • Allow modifications to Confidentiality & Master Agreements
  • Enhance PI eligibility approval to be performed in all UFIRST modules and carry over between modules
  • Add History Option to Officieal Documents in the Agreements Module
  • Give OCR Staff read access to all awards and award mods.
  • Show official attachments on Activity 18 “Sent Redline Request to Sponsor”.
  • Add Deadline column to the new agreement inbox
  • Display KK level on project details worksspace in Award & Modifications
  • Add Activity in Agreements to Send PI Concurrence Email Reminder
  • Updates to help text
  • Show name of person responsible for completing the Compliance Form on the “Send Agreement Compliance Reminder”
  • Preserve paragraph spacing on “Note to History Log” in Award & Modifications
  • Show “Update Inbox” and “Move Attachments” activities in the history log.
  • Do not allow future dates to be entered for “Date of Correspondence” on the “Note to History Log Activity”.
  • When new project created on a mod, validate that the new project’s end date is not greater than the award end date.
  • Ensure bypass training activity retains when the award and modification state changes
  • Remove Award modification from Creator’s DO box is populated when the in DSP Review or C&G Review.
  • Remove ability to select departments as prime sponsors in Proposal SmartForm.
  • DSP: Move the Add Reporting Data fields onto the “Submitted or Release to Submit” activity.
  • Fix Sponsor column on the Proposal Related Items tab to show Direct Sponsor
  • Remove the “Award Received” activity from Proposal.
  • Allow for reset approvers when proposal is in Cost Share Review and Allow Option to Reset Cost Share Approvers after they have approved
  • Add Primary Sponsor display to Proposal Summary Workspace
  • C&G: Fix mass update of C&G owner to affect child departments
  • Add OCR Staff/Manager to Subaward activities


Future Patches Scheduled:

January 2018

  1. Reduce award forms required to set up a 214 project
  2. Load 214 deposits from PeopleSoft to UFIRST
  3. Send award like notifications when deposits received on 214 projects


  1. Implement NIH eForms
  2. Add functionality to proposals to manage revised budgets, JIT and other post submission requests

HIstorical Patches:

December 15, 2017

  • Facilitate Temporary PI status indicator in UFIRST rather than integrate from myUFL
  • Removal of Compliance form requirement for DUA, CDA & Master agreements. Move Human Subjects questions to the SmartForm
  • Update of Human subjects questions on proposal, agreement and award to allow integration between modules and reduce unnecessary questions
  • Update Core Office Compliance Review functions to ensure proper review of export controls activity
  • Other bug fixes to the new Agreements text, workspaces and worklists

December 1, 2017

  • Update SF424 to accommodate NIH Forms-E

November 17, 2017

  • Update agreements module to collect more information and facilitate compliance reviews
  • Implement auto determination of what agreements route to OCR vs DSP

August 25, 2017

  • Ability to mass update C&G owners
  • Implement SF 424 version 3.5
  • Fix compound budget inflation calculation

August 11, 2017

  • CAS forms will be completed in and routed through UFIRST to C&G

July 7, 2017

  • Proposals & Agreements:
    1. Revise Country/international questions on Proposal SmartFrom page 3.0
    2. Allow removal of subawards from proposals even when budgets for other subawards exist
    3. Improve rounding & calculations in budgets including inflation for general cost items, rounding first period personnel costs, consistent rounding for effort & salary requested month formulas, and inflation on partial month periods
    4. Send notification when ad hoc review is approved
    5. Expand visible text in ad hoc review display
    6. Allow all campus users with edit access to the proposal to mark proposals as NOT FUNDED
    7. Improved validations to indicate if a limited opportunity was selected, if there are multiple NIH PI’s without ad hoc reviews required for PI certification, and NIH fellowships without ad hoc reviews required for fellow certification/
    8. Update to proposal and agreement workflow to automatically route appropriate work to the Office of Clinical Research
      1. Remove questions that drove indicators of Medicare Coverage Review required on human subjects work. 
      2. Change all labels for “DSP” to “CORE Office”
    9. Add prime sponsor question to the Agreements module
  • Awards & Modifications:
    1. Sort all locations where lists of projects show by projectID
    2. Redefine Protocol Exception Approval Workflow so that DSP Manages the IRB & IACUC Exception Dates
    3. Ensure link to myUFL for new projects created after initial award set up
    4. Send notification when ad hoc review is approved
    5. Remove errors when hide/show errors on reconciliation page
    6. Validate when trying to modify a closed project
    7. When compliance is bypassed, send record to DSP review not C&G review
    8. Include attachments from the DSP Award Comlpiance review activity in the email notification to DRC
  • Subawards
    1. Show warning if subaward is associated  with a temp project
    2. Send notification to subaward contact when a financial or date modification is completed on the parent award.

June 9, 2017

  • Auto expose protocol/compliance page when creating new project
  • Prevent inactive sponsors from being selected
  • Improve subaward worklists and inbox filters

June 2, 2017

  1. Expand Viewer role to proposals & agreements
  2. Allow Subaward Owner to be changed on subaward mod
  3. Add Subaward Worklist Filters to include project details
  4. Add a SmartForm “Jump-to” selector on the UFIRST workspace
  5. Show post submission proposal deadline on the inbox rather than original proposal deadline
  6. Expand Viewer role to include all UFIRST modules
  7. Add Project Manager as a search field on the All Projects Tab
  8. Send  notification to DSP Owner if Manage FCOI or Manage Award Compliance Form is completed while in the DSP Review
  9. Exempt, Exempt Approved, Emergent Use, Converted, or Closed Protocols should never send shutdown or warning notification even if exception date is present.
  10. On the All Projects Worklist, align the rows despite wrapping
  11. Disapproved by Department, Terminated, Withdrawn, Not Funded proposals should not appear in the proposal Inbox WATCH box unless user has a pending ad hoc review.
  12. Only send Award Mod Notification to project level recipients when that project has changed
  13. On financial award mod, create selection of increase for release of additional temp funding
  14. Fix problem when an early termination mod is withdrawn, next mod marks award as terminated. 
  15. Improvements to fix errors in integration & validation between UFIRST and myUFL

May 5, 2017

  1. Inbox was separated into “do” lists and “watch” lists
  2. Update inbox when departmental personnel change
  3. Budget Smartforms: make consistent the rounding, inflation impact and calculations for salary budgets
  4. Project end dates and KK dates when carryover authorized should reflect all allocations, released or not
  5. Fix UFIRST to myUFL integration bugs

April 21, 2017

  1. Expand who can perform the “Update Project IDC Centers” activity to include administrators on the parent project departments.
  2. On Award Mod page 11.0, simply remind users that subaward mods may need to be created.
  3. On DSP Acknowledge Subaward – DSP must enter the DSP Subaward Tool ID and an email will be automatically triggered to the Project Manager & Subaward Contact that DSP has been acknowledged.
  4. Limit the content of the DSP Unassigned tab to only include DSP review & Under Negotiation states
  5. Create Activity for DSP to correct parent subaward data when on modifications and make “DSP Subaward Tool ID Correction” available in all parent subaward states. Add ability for DSP to change total allocation amount, estimated cumulative total, budget period dates, and project period dates on Core Office Correction activity.

April 14, 2017

  1. Complete overhaul of the subawards functionality
  2. Award Modifications: new temp option on the increase funding selection on Page 3.1 Q 1.0
  3. Award Modifications: new projects created on modifications link to myUFL activated
  4. IDC center allocation updates moved to an activity not modification
  5. Wherever departments are displayed on Proposals, Budgets, and Agreements, display the DeptID
  6. Make all options for selecting recipients of the Send Email Activity consistent across Proposal, Award, and Mod.
  7. Effort Commitments for one month based on days and therefore a 28 day or 31 day month might display as 0.98 or 1.02 months
  8. Allow Award Modification to change more titles and demographics
  9. Award Mod page 1.0 add Internal Notes box separate from Modification Description field
  10. Expand “mod type detail” column in Award Workspace Modification tab and correct title on “net dollar change” column
  11. Allow expanded DSP authority to remove protocols when entered incorrectly
  12. When DSP notes “Sponsor Approval Received” on a modification, send to DSP Review not C&G Review
  13. Correct Project Details table and Budget Release amount to include Indirect Manual Adjustment Amount
  14. Correct that Project Units changed on a mod revert back to the old project unit once a subsequent mod is completed
  15. Allocations selected to be made perm should be automatically unselected once the temp-made-perm question is set to “no”.
  16. Attachments tab – “Uploaded By” column needs to show the most recent uploader instead of the original one.
  17. Allow DSP to move attachments between internal and official on Award Modifications.

March 17, 2017

  1. Attachments workspace:
    1. All column headers are now sortable
    2. Any activity that allows a user to attach a document now posts those attachments to a new “Activity Documents” section on the workspace.  Along with the link to the attachment, the section includes the activity that was performed when the document was loaded (i.e. ad hoc review, send email), the executor of that activity and the date it was loaded.
    3. For proposal FCOI documents, we have added the person name & role to the section where the attachments are loaded.  We have combined the PI section with all other key personnel for a single listing and easy sorting.
    4. The Date Uploaded column now reflects the last version loaded rather than the date the original version was loaded (note that the Uploaded By still reflects the original person  but will be fixed on April 7)
    5. DSP now has an activity to ‘move’ attachments between submission/official and Internal sections of the workspace to maintain better clarity in the documents
  2. Temps: 
    1. When you do an award modification on any award for which NO PROJECTS are in temp status, you will no longer see the question “Are you indicating that sponsor  authorization has been received for any current temporary projects (temporary-made-permanent)?”
    2. When you do an award modification on any award for WITH PROJECTS IN TEMP STATUS and answer yes to “Are you indicating that sponsor authorization has been received for any  current temporary projects (temporary-made-permanent)?,” you will immediately be presented with a list of projects in temp status from which you select the projects you wish to make permanent.  This eliminates the need for an additional page in the process where that list was previously presented.
  3. Effort Commitments:  When a row has been created in error or if you need to completely remove an individual from future effort commitments, you can now mark an effort row for deletion rather than having to zero out the commitment as done previously.
  4. IRB/IACUC protocols:
    1. If humans or animals was marked yes in error and subsequently changed to no, we have corrected the way the old protocol stays linked with the project.  Please note that if human or animal work EVER occurred, it should REMAIN YES and the protocol appropriately CLOSED with the committee.  This is only for projects where the original response was in error.
    2. If a project has an exception from the Asst Vice President for Research Compliance to proceed without having an approved protocol in place and then subsequently garners approval, the data is now accurately updated.

March 10, 2017

  1. The PI Certification activity is now available in all Proposal states: If a PI changes for any reason during the submission process, the new PI will now have the option to certify electronically.
  2. Application type (New, Resubmission, Renewal, etc) on the Proposal Smartform is now a required question. A proposal can no longer be submitted for review and approval without a response to this question.
  3. The customized budget periods functionality has been improved so that whole month periods no longer show as 1.02 or 2.02, but 1 or 2.
  4. Security for Proposal Edit Access has been further refined. Users that do not have Edit access (grants approvers, UFAs, any other user that was provided view access) to the Proposal Smartform and Budget no longer have the ability to execute the Submit for Review and Approval, Respond to Change Request, Respond to DSP Change Request, or Submit Post Submission Response activities. These activities are now restricted only to users with edit access.
  5. Faculty should no longer be receiving extraneous emails to complete their FCOI certifications if they have already successfully done so: From here out, if a faculty member has already completed their FCOI activity and they receive a notification to go back into UFIRST and re-certify, this is an intentional request and the recertification will be required before the award can be released.
  6. Code has been updated to ensure that the reconciled and released budget amounts are reflected properly on the Project Details tab in the Awards module. In addition, the “Total Change” column in the Modification workspace has also been updated to ensure the proper figures are reflecting here as well.
  7. When setting up a new project within an award, the start date of the project cannot precede the overall award start date. Adjustments to the KK date to allow for pre-award spending are updated by C&G in myUFL.