Proposal Deadline Policy

Submit-ready proposals must be submitted to the Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) by 9 a.m. the business day prior to the sponsor’s published submission deadline to be considered on-time by DSP. Absent of extenuating circumstances, any proposal submitted after the internal deadline will not be submitted by the university to the sponsor. This policy applies to any sponsored program whose solicitation is published by the sponsor at least 30 calendar days prior to the sponsor’s due date.

These two days provide DSP with time to identify and resolve any issues with the proposal that are inconsistent with university policy or sponsor submission requirements. This is important as such issues may result in the inability for the university to carry out the work within the budget submitted or in the proposal being rejected by the sponsor without review.  If issues are identified during DSP’s review, the Principal Investigator and relevant unit administrator will be contacted to address issues and facilitate submission to sponsor.

View the Official Proposal Deadline Policy for more information.

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