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Data Use Agreements

What is a Data Use Agreement (DUA)?

A Data Use Agreement (DUA) is used when transferring protected health information (PHI), including coded de-identified data, limited data sets (LDS), and personally identifiable human data from one party to another. A DUA defines the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of both the providing and receiving parties regarding issues such as permitted use, ownership, publications, intellectual property, and liability.

When is a DUA Used?

The University of Florida is a member of the Federal Demonstration Partnership. The FDP is a program convened by the Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable of the National Academies. Its purpose is to reduce the administrative burdens associated with research grants and contracts. The FDP has provided guidance on when and how to use a DUA:

Who Negotiates DUAs for UF?

The UF Research Clinical Contracting team negotiates all UF DUAs.

What DUA Templates are Used at UF?

UF believes that use of the FDP Data Transfer and Use Agreement Templates expedites finalization. See: FDP Data Stewardship for the templates and more information.

How are DUA Requests Processed

All DUAs must be entered into the UFIRST Agreement Module.

DUA Special Handling

Some DUAs require special handling; examples are listed below.