Managing Your Award

Award Terms & Conditions

Each award has unique terms and conditions and the best way to manage an award is to understand the requirements for each.

2 CFR 200 All federal sponsored awards and many non-governmental sponsors and University policy are based on 2 CFR 200, otherwise known as Uniform Guidance or the UG.  These rules are the fundamental basis for most sponsored projects requirements in place at UF.

Many Federal Grants fall under the “Research Terms and Conditions“.  Your award will specifically identify if it falls under the Research Terms and Conditions.  These conditions provide additional flexibility to UF. The Prior Approval Matrix is a handy guide to what flexibilities are offered under these awards.

In addition, many of UF’s Sponsors have their own award guidance documents.  Those of our most frequent funders are listed below:

Cost Principles & Charging Costs

All charges to sponsored projects must be reasonable, necessary for the performance of the project, and allocated appropriately to any project that benefits from the charge. 

Charging of expenditures to the correct account code is one of the best ways to help in ensuring compliance with award conditions. UF’s account codes are available with descriptions at: 

Some account codes are not allowable under 2 CFR 200, for example food or janitorial services.  As such, the University has blocked these accounts from being charged without having a UF CAS Exemption in place. CAS stands for Cost Accounting Standards.