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Award Terms & Conditions

Each award has unique terms and conditions and the best way to manage an award is to understand the requirements for each.

All federal sponsored awards and many non-governmental sponsors and University policy are based on 2 CFR 200, otherwise known as Uniform Guidance or the UG.  These rules are the fundamental basis for most sponsored projects requirements in place at UF.

Many Federal Grants fall under the “Research Terms and Conditions“.  Your award will specifically identify if it falls under the Research Terms and Conditions.  These conditions provide additional flexibility to UF. The Prior Approval Matrix is a handy guide to what flexibilities are offered under these awards.

In addition, many of UF’s Sponsors have their own award guidance documents.  Those of our most frequent funders are listed below:

Unique Award Terms and Conditions 

In most cases, while the NIH waives the prior approval requirement for rebudgeting funds approved as participant support to other categories of expenses, other main federal sponsors may require prior approval before performing such transfers. Conversely, the NIH requires prior approval to transfer funds INTO the participant support category while other Federal sponsors may waive this requirement (see 200.308(c)(5))

While the NIH and USDA NIFA waive the prior approval requirement to subaward, transfer, or contracting any work under a Federal award, other Federal sponsors may require prior approval (reference 200.308(c)(6)). 

The NSF has released guidance related to implementation of OMB Memorandum M-21-20. See NSF Implementation of OMB Memorandum M-21-20.

For specific questions regarding any terms and conditions, please contact the DSP Owner assigned to your UFIRST Award or Modification. If no such owner exists, please contact