Accounting & AR

29 Tigert Hall, P.O. Box 113001
352-846-0137 (fax)
Map to Tigert Hall


Accounting Team

  • Letter of Credit Draws
  • Subcontracts — Purchase Orders and Vouchers

Tom Bairley

Accountant III - Letter of Credit Drawstebairley@ufl.edu352-273-3090

Jing Li

Accountant III - Letter of Credit Drawsjli74@ufl.edu352-273-3133

Melissa Horvath

Accountant II - Subaward Managementmissihorvath@ad.ufl.edu352-273-3096


Accounts Receivables and Billing Team

  • Deposits
  • Cash Expense Refunds
  • Billing

Erin Tompson

Fiscal Assistant IIetompson@ufl.edu352-273-3106

Jenifer Seagraves

Accountant Ijseagraves@ufl.edu352-273-3494

Lynn McKenzie

Accountant 352-273-3120

Daisy Liddell

Accountant IDaisy.liddell@ufl.edu352-273-3091