C&G Forms

The following list contains all forms used internally by C&G. If you’re not sure which form you need, please refer to the description provided for each form. To download a form, simply select one of the available file formats and click the associated link.

If you’re looking for federal forms generated by agencies outside of C&G, please visit our standard federal forms list.

Cost Transfer Request: Non-Payroll

Description:This form is used to process corrections involving transfers of non-payroll costs from one cost center to another.

Formats Available: Adobe PDF

Cost Transfer Request: Payroll

Description:This form is used to process corrections involving transfers of salary costs from one cost center to another via journal entry.

Formats Available: Adobe PDF

Expense Advance Agreement

Description:This form is used when an advance of funds are necessary for a project. One example is travel to a location where credit card use is not feasible.

Formats Available: Adobe PDF

Power of Attorney

Description:None Available

Formats Available: Adobe PDF

Request for Manual Cost Sharing Entry

Description:This form is used to capture manual cost sharing entries for Third Party, Matching Projects, Operating Expenses, Tuition, Equipment, Associated or Unrecovered F&A, or Construction funds.

Formats Available: Adobe PDF 

Subaward Financial Report/Invoice

Description:Financial Report/Invoice template for domestic subawardees

Formats Available: Other

Subaward Financial Report/Invoice Foreign

Description:Financial Report/Invoice template for use with foreign subawardees

Formats Available: Other