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Tiffany Schmidt


Nadeige King

Grants Accounting Managern.king@ufl.edu352-273-3485
6031IFAS Facilities Planning and Operations
6045Family Nutrition Program

Meridith David

Grants Accountant IImdavid@ufl.edu352-273-3478
6003Academic Administration
6009Animal Sciences
6014Entomology & Nematology
6026Agricultural Education and Communication
6032Family,Youth & Community Sciences
6037Aquatic and Invasive Plants
6042Resource Efficient Community
6083Pesticide Office
6086Hastings REC

Beatriz Lenty

Grants Accountant IIblenty@ufl.edu352-273-3099
6005Extension Administration
6006Food & Resource Economics
6021Soil and Water Sciences
6030Office of Conferences
6035County Operations
6073Citrus REC - Lake Alfred
6078 Range Cattle REC - Ona
6079 Tropical REC - Homestead

Bryna Farrell

Grants Accountant IIbrynak@ufl.edu352-273-3088
6004IFAS Dean for Research, FL Ag Experiment Station
6048Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences/Ruskin REC
6076Indian River REC (Ft. Pierce)
6085Ft. Lauderdale REC
6088Nature Coast Biological Station

Tiffany Fuller

Grants Accountant IIItiffanyjfuller@ufl.edu352-273-3493
6001VP Agricultural Affairs
6023Horticultural Sciences
6035County Operations
6047Wildlife Ecology & Conservation
6084CTR Landscape Conservation Ecology
6090Vero Beach
6096Ordway Swisher Bio Station

Renee Henry

Grants Accountant IIhenryc@ufl.edu352-273-3479
6007Agriculture Bioengineering
6015Food Science & Human Nutrition
6018Environmental Horticulture
6038Global Food Systems
6082West Florida REC - Milton/Jay
6087 Mid Florida REC - Apopka
6091Southwest Florida REC - Immokalee

Shuzhen Shi

Grants Accountant IIShuzhen.shi@ufl.edu352-273-3103
6010Microbiology & Cell Science
6019Plant Pathology
6041Information Technologies
6077North Florida REC - Quincy
6097Public Issues Education Center

Chelsea Wilson

Grants Accountant IIwilsonc7@ufl.edu352-273-3105
Various DEPTs IFAS Faculty Service Program Projects (FSP)

Chloe Campbell

Grants Accountant IIIchloecampbell@ufl.edu352-273-3476
20International Center
6034 Livestock Innovation Lab
USAID Global awards

Kristin Benitez

Grant Accountant I k.benitez1@ufl.edu352-273-3092
60334H Youth Development
6074Everglades REC - Belle Glade
6075Gulf Cost RC - Balm
6080Live Oak
6095Plant Science REC - Citra

Brittany Milito

Grants Accountant Ib.milito@ufl.edu352-273-3107