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Tiffany Schmidt


Stephanie Lafferty

Grants Accounting Managerslaff@eng.ufl.edu352-273-3127
19070300Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment - Previously Hinkley Center
1932HCSHWM (Hinkley Center for Solid Hazardous Waste Mgmt)
1934Biomedical Engineering
1905CHREC only
1938FESC (Florida Energy Systems Consortium
Electronic Invoice Submissions, CHREC, Problem Files, New Hire Training Coordinator

Warren Stamp

Grants Accountant IIwstam@eng.ufl.edu352-273-3131
1906Industrial & Systems Engineering
1903Chemical Engineering
1940EG-Academic Activities

Tonya Lewis

Grants Accountant IItlewi@eng.ufl.edu352-273-3116
1902Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
1912REEF (Research & Engineering Education Facility)
Special Projects as assigned

Keith Simpson

Grants Accountant IIcozmo628@ufl.edu352-273-3113
1904Civil and Coastal Engineering
1910Environmental Engineering
1907Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment (excluding 19070300)

Nadia Bahadori

Grants Accountant IIInbahadori@ufl.edu352-273-3118
1905Electrical & Computer Engineering (excluding CHREC)
1937Nanoscience Institute for Medical & Engineering
19010605FLARE (EG-FL Applied Research Enterprise)

Katie Lamotte

Grants Accountant IKatie.Lamotte@ufl.edu352-273-3128
1909Materials Science & Engineering
1914CISE (Computer & Information Science & Engineering)
1933PERC (Particle Engineering Research Center)