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Tiffany Schmidt

Associate Directortcasi@ufl.edu352-273-3101

Stephanie Lafferty

Grants Accounting Managerslaff@eng.ufl.edu352-273-3127
19070300Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment - Previously Hinkley Center
1908Nuclear & Radiological Engineering
1932HCSHWM (Hinkley Center for Solid Hazardous Waste Mgmt)
1934Biomedical Engineering
1905CHREC only
1912REEF (Research & Engineering Education Facility)
1938FESC (Florida Energy Systems Consortium
Electronic Invoice Submissions, CHREC, Problem Files, New Hire Training Coordinator

Warren Stamp

Grant Accountant IIwstam@eng.ufl.edu352-273-3131
1906Industrial & Systems Engineering
1914CISE (Computer & Information Science & Engineering)

Tonya Lewis

Grant Accountant IItlewi@eng.ufl.edu352-273-3116
1902Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
1912REEF (Research & Engineering Education Facility)
Special Projects as assigned

Elizabeth Fisher

Grant Accountant IIelizabethcfisher@ufl.edu352-273-3128
1905Electrical & Computer Engineering (excluding CHREC)

Tammy Taylor

Grant Accountant IItamataylor@ufl.edu352-273-3107
1904Civil and Coastal Engineering
1910Environmental Engineering
1907Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment (excluding 19070300)

Kayla Davis

Grant Accountant IIkls285@ufl.edu352-273-3113
1903Chemical Engineering
1909Materials Science & Engineering
1933PERC (Particle Engineering Research Center)
1937Nanoscience Institute for Medical & Engineering

Nadia Bahadori

Grant Accountant Inbahadori@ufl.edu352-273-3118
In Training