Forms & Templates

UFIRST Proposal and Agreement Approval System

Beginning March 23, all proposals for sponsored funding will be routed for University approvals using UFIRST. UFIRST replaces the DSP-1 form, the Peoplesoft Express and Peoplesoft grants workflow system.

FCOI Disclosure Forms

PHS and NSF Disclosure of Significant Financial Interest (SFI) Forms are to be completed by all Key Persons and submitted to the Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) with every PHS, PHS like and NSF Grant application. These forms are for internal review only. They are not submitted to the sponsor

  • Significant Financial Interest, DSP-05 PHSPHS SFI Disclosure Form: Required when UF will be the recipient or a sub-recipient of funding from a US Public Health Service Organization (HHS, PHS, NIH, HRSA, FDA, SAMSA, AHRQ, CDC, CMS)
  • PHS FCOI Form is also used with non-federal sponsors that adopt the PHS FCOI policy, for example, American Heart, FDOH/Bankhead Coley, Alliance for Lupus Research (ALR), American Cancer Society (ACS), American Heart Association (AHA), Arthritis Foundation (AF), Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), Lupus Foundation of America (LFA), and Susan G. Komen for the Cure American Lung Association.
  • Significant Financial Interest, DSP-05 NSFNSF SFI Disclosure Form: Required when UF will be the recipient or a sub-recipient of funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Proposal Related Forms

  • pdf NRSA Fellow and Sponsor Assurance Statement needed at time of proposal submission
  • word Human Subject Training for Key Personnel for NIH Grants
  • word Template Consortium (Subaward) Letter for NIH Grants
  • word Clinical Trial Agreement Checklist
  • word Export Controls Checklist
  • word Sample Request Letter for a Subaward Proposal

Award Compliance Form (ACF) (In pilot with IFAS and Eng Only)

  • pdf ACF Form: This form is required to be completed and returned to DSP for each new award, supplement, modification, and renewal. The NOA will not be released until the ACF form is completed and returned.

AARF Form – Change of PI/Key Persons, Requesting a Subproject

  • pdf Award Administration Request Form (AARF) This form is used to collect UF internal approvals on several award related actions, noted below.
    • Change of PI
    • Adding an internal Co-PI or Co-I
    • Change from a single PI to multi-PI award
    • Change from a multi-PI to single PI award:
    • Establish an Internal Subproject
    • PI changing Depts. and moving Awards

FDP Form – Pre-Award Costs, Temp Release, No Cost Extension

  • pdfInternal UF Prior Approval Request Form
  • linkRequest a No Cost Extension
  • linkRequest Pre-Award Costs on Federal Grants
  • linkRequest a Temporary Release of Funds

CAS Exemption Forms

  • pdf Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Exemption Form
    • word Admin/Clerical Template Justification Form
    • word Other Cost Items Template Justification Form

Notification of Departing PI

Transfer of PI to UF

  • web version Compliance Form for an Investigator transferring to UF

Template Research Agreements

These template Research Agreements are most commonly used with our non-federal (industry) sponsors.

  • word Standard Research Agreement
  • word Standard Research Agreement Amendment
  • word Florida High Tech Corridor (FHTCC) Standard Research Agreement
  • word Simple Fixed Fee Research Service Agreement
  • word Standard Clinical Trial Agreement

Template Subaward Documents

UF Standard Subaward Agreement (version June 2014); used by UF when issuing a Subaward under a Federal Grant

Face Page, Attachment 1, Attachment 3A

  • pdf Cost Reimbursement Research Subaward
  • pdf Fixed Price Research Subaward

Attachment 3B

  • pdf Attachment 3B – Contact info for Subrecipient
  • pdf Attachment 3B Page 2 – Contact info for Subrecipient

Attachment 2 – Agency Specific Requirements

Attachment 2 – Continuation – State of Florida Specific Requirements

  • word State of Florida Specific Requirements

Attachment 3 – Contact Information (available here for convenience, otherwise part of the Face Page)

  • pdf Attachment 3A – Contact info for UF
  • pdf Attachment 3B – Contact info for Subrecipient
  • pdf Attachment 3B Page 2 – Contact info for Subrecipient

Attachment 4 – Reporting Requirements

  • word Reporting Requirements

Subaward Amendment; used by UF when modifying the Subaward Agreement (i.e. adding funds, adding time)

  • word Subaward Amendment

Foreign Subaward Agreement; used by UF when issuing a Subaward under a Federal Grant to an International Subrecipient

  • word Foreign Subaward Agreement

Template Subcontract Documents

UF Standard Subcontract; used by UF when subcontracting with 1) non-federal funds and 2) under a federal contract, not a grant.

  • word UF Standard Subcontract

SBIR or STTR Subcontract; used by small business who will be subcontracting to UF under their prime federal SBIR or STTR award

  • word SBIR Template Subcontract
  • word STTR Template Subcontract
  • word STTR Allocation of Intellectual Property Rights Agreement

NDA, Teaming Agreement, MTA, Data Use Agreement

  • word Template Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • word Template Teaming Agreement
  • link Material Transfer Agreements are handle by the Office of Technology Transfer
  • word Data Use Agreement

Invention Report Forms

  • link Report a New Discovery

Outside Activity Forms

  • pdf Outside Activity and Related Financial Conflict of Interest Forms

Chemical Inventory Form

  • excel Chemical Inventory Form


  • pdf Approval Pending Form
  • pdf Verification of Investigator Name Form


  • pdf Approval Pending Form
  • pdf Verification of Title Form
  • pdf Verification of Investigator Name Form

Fund 214 Check Deposit Log

  • excel Fund 214 Check Deposit Log

Outgoing Subawards

  • word Outgoing Subaward Set Up Form

Sponsor Code Requests

  • form Sponsor Code Request Form