UFIRST Roles and Security

Grants Workflow Administrators (GWA)

Responsible for linking the Grants Administrators and the Grants Approvers to the department/s for which they can act in UFIRST.  The list of GWAs and their associated departments/colleges can be found here.

Study Staff

All UF employees.  No “role” needs to be requested.  Everyone will have this and will be able to access UFIRST.  However, when you access UFIRST, you will ONLY see and edit records you are named on as:

  • Primary admin contact – page 1.0
  • Key person – page 2.2
  • Invited to View/Edit – page 2.2
  • Ad Hoc approver (Activity)

Grant Administrator

Typically Grants Specialists, Coordinators, Office Managers, Program Managers or Assistants, Accountants, etc who have a responsibility for an entire unit (division, department, college, shared service center, etc.)

  • Because of their institutional responsibilities, grant administrators must be trained in grants management and in UFIRST.
  • Mandatory courses are: RSH220, RSH230 & RSH260.
  • Recommended courses are RSH280, RSH281 & RSH282.
  • To be a Grant Administrator in UFIRST, you must:
    1. Have the UF_GM_Proposals role in PeopleSoft
    2. Your Grant Workflow Administrator must link you to your unit (department, division, etc) in UFIRST

Grant Approver

Responsible for reviewing and approving the submitted proposal.  This is the person that “approves” in myUFL workflow or signs the DSP-1 form.

  • Can view (not edit) a proposal if their unit or any unit below (i.e. if you are listed as approver for the college, you will see all proposals for all departments within your college) is the submitting department or has any key personnel listed in the proposal
  • To be a Grant Approver in UFIRST, you must
    1. Have the UF_N_GM_Grants_Approver role in PeopleSoft
    2. Your Grant Workflow Administrator must link you to your unit (department, division, etc) in UFIRST

Unit Fiscal Authority (UFA)

These are a special set of approvers.  If cost share is identified in the proposal, UFIRST requires that the proposal team identify a responsible department. If the responsible department for the cost share is different from the submitting department, cost share approval is required before the proposal will route through for the usual Approval by the submitting department. In the awards module, UFAs approve requests for temporary release of funding (advance spending) projects.  Many units require an Associate Dean, College Business Officer, or Chair to approve cost share where the typical grant without cost share can be approved by grants administrators.

The Grants Workflow Administrator also sets up the Cost share approver for each unit.  If there is no approver listed, UFIRST looks “up the chain” for an approver at the next hierarchy.  For example, if there is no cost share approver listed for a division, UFIRST will look to find a cost share approver in the department.  If there is no cost share approver listed for that department, UFIRST will look to the college.  There must be at minimum, one cost share approver per college.

For more information on roles, view the UFIRST Roles PowerPoint.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the approval process work?

1.The Grant Workflow Administrator lists the approvers in order for each unit (division, department, etc).  There can be a pool of approvers at any particular level (i.e. a department may list the chair, vice chair, and department business officer as approvers for the “chair”)

2. Each proposal in UFIRST has a submitting department (unit).

3. When the proposal is submitted for review and approval, the system looks at the submitting department Approvers as set up by the Grants Workflow Administrator and adds all of them to the Approval chain. This chain is recorded on the proposal.

4. UFIRST sends an email to the first level of approvers.

5. When any one of them approves, UFIRST sends an email to the second level of approvers.  And so on until all “levels” as set up by the Grant Workflow Administrator as described in step 1 have completed the approvals.

6.The proposal is routed automatically to DSP after the last approver.

How do I know what I see in my Inbox?

Your UFIRST Inbox is broken into “Do” and “Watch” sections. What you see or don’t see in each section can be identified on these matrixes: