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Fringe Benefits

When budgeting fringe benefits in grant and contract proposals, use the rate for the appropriate salary plan listed below. UF’s fringe rates are approved annually by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The UFIRST-Proposal budgeting system will calculate the fringe automatically, using the most current rates in effect at the time of proposal development.  All proposals should use the latest rates when building budgets and plan for future escalations. Rates are charged based on the negotiated pools, regardless of what rate was used at time of proposal submission.

Salary Plan FY24 Rates (7/1/23– 6/30/24) FY25 Rates (7/1/24– 6/30/25)  
Faculty (3, 9, 10, and 12-month) 29.3% 30.1%  
COM Clinical Faculty 19.5% 19.2%  
COM Regional Physicians 19.5% 19.2%  
Exempt TEAMS/USPS 39.4% 37.7%  
Non-Exempt TEAMS/USPS 53.4% 50.6%  
Clinical Post Doc Associates/Housestaff 21.5% 22.0%  
Regular Post Doc Associates 11.8% 11.6%  
Graduate Assistants 11.8% 11.6%  
OPS Student/Federal Work Study 1.7% 1.0%  
OPS Other/Temporary Faculty 4.2% 4.2%  

See UF’s Human Resource Services for a complete detail of Salary Plans, Current and Historical Fringe Rates.

See UF Finance & Accounting Fringe Benefits Pool Rate Proposal for additional information on what the rates cover and how they are calculated.