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Graduate Student Salary & Tuition Costs

At UF, Graduate Research Assistant reasonable compensation for work performed is comprised of two components, salary and tuition remission.

  • Salary component is budgeted for in the personnel or salary budget line.
  • Tuition component is normally budgeted for in the other expenses budget line in the sponsor budget.

Graduate Student Salary

When budgeting for a graduate student salary on a sponsored project please use at least the Graduate Assistant Minimum Salaries level. However, check with your Department’s Fiscal office to determine what the appropriate graduate student salary should be in your academic unit.

Tuition on Sponsored Projects

At UF, tuition remission is considered a component of a graduate research assistant compensation package for the work performed while on appointment.

All proposals, including resubmissions, competing renewals and supplements that include salary support for graduate research assistants and where tuition is not prohibited by the sponsor, must also include the appropriate tuition amount in the budget.  Budgeting this in the proposal, does not affect the tuition rate for in-state students and no impact on payments made by students whether in-state or out-of-state.

Graduate Student Tuition

For NON-RESIDENT students, DSP recommends budgeting at $18,213 and a 5% annual increase thereafter.  Resident tuition may be budgeted at $10,770. 

Please note that if a non-resident student is actually hired, the non-resident rate will be charged. DSP recommends budgeting at the non-resident rate for proposal submission if the student’s status is unknown.

Maximum Graduate Student Compensation on NIH Research Grants

The maximum amount NIH will award for total graduate student compensation on a NIH research grant is equal to the Postdoctoral zero-level Kirschstein-NRSA stipend in effect when NIH issues the grant award. See the NRSA Rates link in the Fellowships and Training Grants section below for current rates.

Fellowships and Training Grants

  • Student Fees are NOT charged on Research Grants, but may be charged on Training Grants.
  • NIH Kirschstein-NRSA awards will provide funds for Tuition and Fees, Training Related Expenses, and Institutional Allowance, as detailed at: NRSA Rates
  • UF allows all required fees to be requested in all Fellowship and Training grants, unless prohibited by the sponsor guidelines.
  • Please work with your college or department fiscal office to make sure these costs are budgeted correctly.
  • You may also visit the Bursar website at: Student Fee Calculation Estimate

Graduate Student Salary and Tuition FAQ

Updated as of 5/3/2024