Register for NSF Fastlane

If you are a current or former grantee of the National Science Foundation, or if you plan to submit a proposal to NSF in the future, you may wish to register for NSF’s FastLane, which utilizes the world wide web to facilitate business transactions and exchange of information between NSF and its client community (researchers, reviewers, research administrators).

Once registered, principal investigators can use FastLane to submit proposals and final project reports and check the status of their proposal review. University research administrators can authorize proposals for submission to NSF, and generate reports on their institution’s recent and active awards, recent proposals and status of Final Project Reports. Other enhancements are under development that you may read about on the FastLane website.

The University of Florida is a registered FastLane institution. If you are a UF Faculty or staff member and would like to register for Fastlane, please fill out this online form. The UF Office of Research will send you a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that will allow you to access FastLane.