Pre-Proposals, Letters of Intent & White Papers 

The information being presented/requested by a sponsor will determine if a Pre-proposal,  Letter of Intent (LOI) or White Paper needs to be routed through UFIRST, e-mailed to the Division of Sponsored Programs, or submitted directly by the PI.

Below is DSP’s flowchart to assist units in choosing the correct routing process.


If a pre-proposal is required to route through UFIRST, then the UF/DSP internal deadline policy will apply.

Institutional Signature means a signature from the Division of Sponsored Programs, which can include DSP submission in sponsor electronic systems such as Fastlane, NSPIRES, etc.

Budget detail means a line item budget or categorical breakdown. This does not include a yearly lump sum or an overall total dollar amount (i.e. $450,000) being submitted to the sponsor.

You can also download the Instruction Guide