Pre-Proposals, Letters of Intent & White Papers 

Depending on the information being presented or requested by a sponsor will determine if a Pre-proposal, Letter of Intent (LOI) or White Paper needs to be routed through UFIRST, e-mailed to the Division of Sponsored Programs, or submitted directly by the PI. Below is DSP’s matrix to assist units in choosing the correct routing process. 

  Yes budget detail provided or cost sharing committed
No budget detail provided
Yes – Institutional Signature Required Route through UFIRST proposals  PI submits to DSP at
No – Institutional Signature Required Route through UFIRST proposals PI submits directly to sponsor 

Notes: Institutional Signature means a signature from the Division of Sponsored Programs (this includes DSP submission in sponsor electronic systems such as Fastlane). Budget detail means a line item budget or categorical breakdown. It does not include lump sum or a total dollar amount being provided or submitting to a program with a stated cap amount and no detailed budget is being provided. You can also download the Instruction Guide (pdf)