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Disclosing Activities to NSF

Disclosing Activities as Current and Pending Support

NSF has developed an electronic format and fillable PDF for the disclosure of current and pending support information that must be used in proposals.

Current and pending support includes all resources made available to an individual in support of and/or related to all of his/her research efforts, regardless of whether or not they have monetary value. Current and pending support also includes in-kind contributions (such as office or laboratory space, equipment, supplies, employees, or students). See also the NSF FAQs related to reporting Current and Pending support.

Anyone working in your lab with direct support from any organization other than UF (including those who identify as “self-funded”) must be listed on your Current and Pending Support Documents. Any other resources (including cash gifts, materials, reagents, equipment, direct paid travel, or items of value such as free sequencing, data access, tissues, etc.) that support your research program should be listed. 

If a researcher on an active NSF award failed to disclose current support or in-kind contribution information as part of the proposal submission process, notify DSP at immediately as the university must submit the information to NSF within 30 calendar days of the identification of the undisclosed support. NSF will determine the impact of the information and any appropriate action, if necessary.

See UF’s guidance for this on the NSF Updates page.

Disclosing Activities in Your Biosketch

Researchers should include all affiliations on their Biosketch. This includes any titled academic, professional, or institutional position, foreign or domestic, whether full time, part time, or voluntary, and whether or not compensation is received (including adjunct, visiting, or honorary). For NSF, these affiliations must be listed under the Appointments section in one of the approved formats. Additionally, some affiliations or participation in foreign talent recruitment programs may also meet the definition of support. If so, researchers should disclose the activity as described in the “current and pending” section above as well.

For questions about disclosing international engagements to UF, please visit International Engagement and Collaborations.