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National Science Foundation (NSF) Systems: Fastlane &

The National Science Foundation (NSF) currently uses two Internet platforms, Fastlane and, to facilitate proposal and award activities and communication between NSF and its client community (researchers, reviewers, research administrators).  Fastlane will eventually retire and its functionality will migrate to  Please visit our webpage for ongoing updates.

Currently, principal investigators can use FastLane to submit proposals and to access final project reports and check the status of their proposal review. University research administrators can use these systems to authorize proposals for submission to NSF, and to generate reports on their institution’s recent and active awards, recent proposals and status of Final Project Reports.

User Registration:

UF is a registered NSF institution. If you are a current or former NSF grantee, or if you plan to submit a proposal to NSF in the future, you should register for an individual NSF ID that will function as a login for both NSF Fastlane and 

  • If you have never registered previously, or accessed these systems, you must register as a new user.
  • Newly registered users must complete step 2 by requesting a Role within to become a UF-affiliated user. You will not be able to work within FastLane or until this second step has been completed. 

 NSF Guides & FAQs:

 NSF Account Management, ID Help, and FAQs